Strain Corner: Biscotti

Edward Barrett

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Biscotti at Harvest Foundation
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It was a brisk and cold winter day here in Albuquerque—the type of day that is dreadfully overcast and howls with searing cold wind. I wanted to just bundle up and relax in the comfort and coziness of my apartment, but I needed something special to truly achieve that feeling. I decided I would brave the elements to seek a calming and soothing strain for this doldrum of a day. I headed Downtown to check out Harvest Foundation (220 Copper Ave NW, Ste. 110A).

The Toxic Spill strain I tried there last time was a potent and enjoyable one, so I was excited to see what else was on offer. I asked one of the budtenders what her favorite strain was and she suggested the indica-dominant Biscotti (THC: 25.06%, CBD: 0.47%—$11/gram). She said it was tasty and very relaxing. I decided to take a look and see if I couldn’t get a whiff.

The buds exhibited a fine array of color ranging from a shockingly electric green and yellow to a deeper emerald. The nuggets were large, chunky and coated in fine crystals and sugars as well as light patches of orange and reddish hairs. The smell had a very woodsy scent that reminded me of tree roots or mushrooms from a lush forest floor. The aroma and fine appearance had me intrigued, so I was willing to listen to the budtender’s suggestion.

I darted back home through the wailing winds and eagerly began setting up a movie, some snacks, blankets and of course a fine, fat bowl. I ground up the earthy smelling buds into a powder and quickly sparked the herb. I was immediately struck with a lightly sweet and buttery flavor that reminded me of toasted marshmallows or slightly burnt sugar cookies. The budtender wasn’t lying when she said that it was tasty.

I gingerly paced back to my couch and began locking myself under the blankets in preparation for some great relaxation. I didn’t feel anything for a few minutes—as this was a slow-building high—but once I began feeling the effects, I was in a euphorically comfortable state. My mood mellowed and my muscles began to loosen. I vaguely recall one of the budtenders stating something about its benefits for inflammation, but I’m not completely certain. Either way, my body felt relaxed and chilled.

I could see this particular strain being good for depression, nausea, pain, stress, insomnia and possibly even inflammation. I felt very content and comfortable, which was exactly what I was seeking for the day. I continued my day under the blankets and eventually smoked myself into a lulling dream state. It was truly a wondrously calming experience. I found Biscotti to be a very soothing strain that not only tasted and smelled wonderful, but also felt great physically and mentally. I would highly suggest trying out Biscotti for those seeking a scrumptious and appealingly different strain.
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