Strain Corner: Boss Hogg

Edward Barrett
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Boss Hogg at Ultra Health
Boss Hogg
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On a brisk winter day, I decided to take a stroll around Nob Hill to take my mind off of the seasonal blues and lethargy I was feeling. The sharp and biting winds quickly made me regret feeling adventurous. But luckily, I stumbled upon Ultra Health (3213 Central Ave NE). I took a peek at what was on offer and noticed an amusingly named strain, Boss Hogg (THC: 23.380%, CBD: 0.910%—$14/gram), an indica-dominant hybrid with a high THC percentage.

The buds were decent sized and displayed a nice gradient of green coloring from light to dark. Small tufts of peach-colored hairs thinly punctuated the body of the nuggets. The pleasant appearance, high THC content and brash name made me interested in trying out this strain. After purchasing my prize, I quickly darted back to my car and made my way down Central Avenue, making sure to avoid the hazardous ART lanes. While driving down the asphalt boulevards of Downtown and narrowly missing meth heads with death wishes, I fantasized about careening over imaginary ramps in my car. Sadly, I wasn’t plowing down country back roads in a muscle car, so it was an unrealistic fantasy.

After finally arriving home, I tore open the bag and took a big whiff of the Boss Hogg. I was expecting the buds to smell like whiskey and cigars, but instead sour and citrusy scents emanated from the sack. I took some of the crunchy buds apart and packed them into a bowl, ready to feel like a clichéd gluttonous villain. The hits were smooth and mellow and had strong herby and chemical diesel tastes to them. The effects were slow to build and felt quite mellow at first. I felt casually energetic and mentally alert, but my body also felt warm and light in a very comfortable way.

I’d had a somewhat sore and swollen knee for several days, but when I smoked some Boss Hogg, there was instant relief. If anything, something named after the corrupt commissioner of Hazzard County should probably give someone gout, but on the contrary: Pain and inflammation relief is a welcome benefit of this strain.

Eventually, my mental clarity and sharpened awareness subsided, and I began to drift distractedly into a mental fog. The soothing body and mental come-down makes Boss Hogg great for insomnia, nausea and stress relief.

I had a pleasant experience with this flower. While I never ended up feeling arrogant and heinous like the titular character of this strain, I certainly felt comfortably distracted and content.
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