Strain Corner: Cat Piss Romulan

Edward Barrett
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Cat Piss Romulan at Southwest Organic Producers
Cat Piss Romulan
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On a brisk, cool winter day, I decided to do some holiday shopping and figured I’d treat myself in the process. I looked up the dispensary nearest to me and headed over to Southwest Organic Producers (3504 Montgomery Blvd. NE). After braving life and death in traffic, I finally spotted the awkwardly located store. I was excited to see what was in stock and hoped there would be a good, strong strain for my liking. After speaking to the budtender a bit and perusing, I was tantalized by the hilariously named Cat Piss Romulan (THC: 20.40%, CBD: 0.06%—$ 11/gram). With a name like that, how could I not be intrigued? Now I’m no sci-fi expert, but I was curious to see if this galactic strain could take me to higher dimensions.

The budtender told me that it was popular among high-tolerance patients, which also piqued my interest. But what really sold me was how alluring and eye-catching the buds themselves looked. The leaves and overall body of the nuggets displayed a dizzying array and gradient of colors that ranged from light green to deep purple. Everything was coated and glistening in a sugary frost and there were lots of large, thick clumps of fiery orange hairs throughout. After glancing and marveling at the pretty strain, I needed no further convincing about what to pick.

After hurriedly heading home, I eagerly opened the little jar to tear apart at my latest prize. The buds were very sticky and thick and came apart in moist tatters. A strong musky and musty scent exuded from the buds, but they also emitted strong tangy and citrusy notes as well. After finally grinding down the moist chunks, I was ready to see how this strangely named strain would fare. The hits were not too harsh and had a stale woodsy and piney taste to them. There were also diesel-like notes that would pop in and out from within the more loamy flavors.

After taking a handful of hits, I began to feel a dizzying and heady feel that’s intoxicating and amusing. This is a very powerful strain that was both visually stimulating and mentally befuddling. I didn’t feel productive at all, but I felt quite goofy and content. I was in quite a daze and this was apparent on my face. My eyes were bloodshot, I was chowing on munchies left and right and my visage exhibited the typical look one has when stoned. On top of that, my breath had a pungent and skunky odor that lingered from having smoked this strong strain.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed myself with Cat Piss Romulan. I could see this strain bringing great relief from pain, nausea, depression and stress. The dizzying sensation that I felt at first might be a bit much for those who have anxiety, but it is enjoyable nonetheless. I would highly recommend this crazy strain for those who have a high tolerance and are looking for something strong to unwind with. And for anyone who wants to get lost in space.
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