Strain Corner: Cherry O’s

Edward Barrett
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Cherry OÕs at High Desert Relief
Cherry O’s
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It was a brisk day when I decided to stop at High Desert Relief (4840 Pan American Fwy. NE Ste. H) to simply browse around and kill some time. I decided to pick a strain at random from a handful that intrigued me. What I ended up with, by chance or perhaps luck, was a strain named Cherry O’s (THC: 21.550%, CBD: 0.530%—$10/gram). The name made me fantasize that I’d open the capsule and hear some ’50s ad jingle for an obscure brand of cereal chime out from within. With this cartoonish thought in mind, I zoomed home to take a closer look and indulge in all its glories.

I laid down my things and scurried over to unveil the Cherry O’s, relishing its splendor. Much to my dismay, no silly tune came ringing out.

I looked at an alluringly robust chunk of plant. The buds were very large and condensed with clearly defined clusters that were heavily frosted and coated in sugars. These defined nuggets and chunks would snap off from the main body with a satisfying crunch when pulled or tugged at. The color of the bud was a pale green that was close to yellow in places with curly clumps of rust-colored hairs hiding in various nooks and crannies throughout.

When I took a deep whiff of Cherry O’s, I picked up woody and musty scents with faintly sweet berry notes. I was curious to see if the weak fruit scent would translate to any similar flavor profiles. I tore at the chunks of bud in front of me and packed a finely ground bowl. Once I finally lit it up, I was greeted by a stale, herby and diesel-like taste that was slightly harsh. Upon exhalation, however, I detected those same sweet notes I smelled earlier. These rich notes I experienced while exhaling seemed to soften the harshness of the hits and added a sprinkle of sugary tang.

I noticed that I was much calmer and relaxed once I set the bowl down and took a seat in my living room. The effects lulled me to a comfortably numb state that gave me a carefree sense of ease within my surroundings. I felt introspective and got lost in my thoughts. What seemed like mere moments of quiet contemplation quickly turned into an hour. This is a great strain for blowing off steam and getting into a cozy state of mind, but I couldn’t seem to get much done. This would be a great strain for patients seeking to reduce overall stress, relieve pain, battle nausea or fight depression. The sweet smell and taste of Cherry O’s made this a very enjoyable strain to partake in, and the effects were incredibly soothing but not at all overbearing.
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