Strain Corner: Cuban Linx

Edward Barrett
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Cuban Linx at Verdes Foundation
Cuban Lynx
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I tend to enjoy the euphoric and uplifting effects one experiences with certain strains, versus the heavy physical couchlock of others. Even strong strains that offer up a bolt of excitement and attentiveness can dissipate quickly and end up feeling heavy—physically or mentally. The strain I found last week was able to awaken and excite me without bogging me down or making me tired.

I went over to
Verdes Foundation (7301 San Antonio Dr. NE) to see what was on offer and was suggested a strain named Cuban Linx (THC: 23.00%, CBD: 0.07%—$10/gram). The buds were very sugary and had an appealing color palette similar to the light green and greyish lichen that can be found growing along the sides of trees and rocks. Tight clumps of orange hairs could be seen poking through, adding light splashes of color throughout. The buds emitted a musty and earthy smell that reminded me of cloves and chocolate.

After a few more errands and some bouts of cursing at inept drivers, I finally made it home and was ready to try out this new strain. The tight but moist nugs were quickly broken down and placed into a bowl for consumption. There was a smooth, cooling and airy feeling at first as the flower was combusted, but it gradually became harsher and began to taste more like cloves or pine. Towards the end of the bowl, the hits began to feel intense and actually made my throat feel a bit sore and itchy.

I experienced a sudden sensation of mental sharpness and focus. I felt alert, animated, excited and eager. Physically, I didn’t feel as overwhelmed as I do with other strains, and my eyes didn’t feel as heavy. If anything, they felt as if they had widened to attention. My body also felt light and bubbly, but not so comfortable that it causes distraction or absolute sloth. This was a strain where I could get things done and be focused.

This strain would be good for those suffering from depression or lack of motivation. I found the pep that Cuban Linx offers to be a good boost for a dejected or distracted person’s day. The attentive feeling I experienced while using this strain would make it useful during social situations. I tend to have pretty regular stomach issues, and I noticed that this strain aided in treating the nausea and discomfort I felt as well.

Cuban Linx was a solid strain that offered up a refreshingly jolting high that wasn’t overwhelming or overpowering. The smell and taste were rather standard and didn’t offer up anything too surprising, although it did begin to feel a bit harsh towards the end. If you’re looking for a good strain that will perk you up without fogging your mind, be sure to give Cuban Linx a try.
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