Strain Corner: Durban Poison #2

Edward Barrett
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Durban Poison
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There are certain strains of marijuana out there that cater to one’s specific desires or tastes, and these can quickly become one’s personal preferred pot product. Sativas always seem to be my go-to and there are some well-known and established strains that always seem solid. This week I decided to try Durban Poison #2 (THC: 20.20%, CBD: 0.00%–$9.27/gram) from Southwest Wellness (9132 Montgomery Blvd. NE, Ste. D) in the hope of reaching that comfortable and cozy energetic high I associate with this strain.

The Durban Poison line is one of the big boys of the industry and has been globally known for quite some time. It exhibits the classical “dank” smell and taste and gives one an energetic and clear-headed buzz. This variety was lighter not only in appearance but in taste and smell as well. The buds were a bright and shiny pale green—nearing yellow—with pretty, spindly, dark peach hair clusters in between. The smell still exhibited a bit of the typical “skunky” or “dank” scent but was much more toned down and refreshing. It was grassy and piquant and reminded me of some Italian spices at times.

After packing a decent-sized bowl, I was able to taste the familiar and classic earthy and herbal notes that one typically associates with marijuana. Petrol or diesel-like after-notes would come creeping in towards the end, and this odd assemblage of tastes and smells teleported me back to my adolescence. Many philosophers have spoken of the intense power that food has to transport one to a time of distant memory or profound happiness. This buzzy African-based strain did the same for me.

The taste of this Durban Poison #2 was so familiar that it immediately reminded me of muggy summers spent hiding in the woods, trying to smoke what little quantity of illicit weed I could find as a young teenager. Times have changed drastically, but it was a delightful trip down memory lane. The overall feeling was that of a customary sativa—there was a mellow and clearheaded sense to it. I felt alert, productive and heartened when using this strain.

I did notice, however, that I felt no urge to overindulge in snacks or munchies. I had read that the Durban Poison lines can be good for appetite suppression, and I would have to agree as I found myself eating later and at times skipping snacks altogether. This can be good or bad for someone, depending on circumstances, so it is something to keep in mind.

Durban Poison #2 is a strong and reliable sativa that would be good for those suffering from cases of fatigue or depression and will certainly help to treat anxiety in social situations or help boost productivity. I found the tastes, smells and overall effects put me in a nice and comfortable spot. I felt familiar with this strain and it fit around my personal taste nicely, like a warm blanket.
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