Strain Corner: Future

Edward Barrett
3 min read
Future at Sandia Botanicals
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The way the cannabis industry has shifted rapidly and developed over the past few years has been impressive, to say the least. One must wonder if, in the future, we’ll be able to press a button on our chests to immediately feel the effects of a phat blunt or a strong cocktail while sitting in our automated flying drones. It is in this advanced and visionary spirit that I decided to give the strong Future (THC: 21.82%, CBD: 0.31%–$12/gram) strain from Sandia Botanicals (2406 Comanche Rd. NE) a try.

The buds were tenderly moist and velvety soft yet dense and held together compactly. There were small tufts of dark orange hairs interspersed in slight pockets throughout the body of the flower. The overall hue was a very pale green that was close to gray. Everything was coated in a fine frosting of sugary THC crystals. Seeing the tight and plump nuggets from afar, they give the appearance of pinecones or small fruits covered in lichen.

At first the smell took on a slightly pungent, grassy odor, but then developed into a more savory and meaty scent. Eventually, peanut butter notes took over. Overall, the scent profile was complex and interesting. I was curious how the flavors would compare to the smells.

After packing an exquisitely fluffy yet compact bowl, I was struck with an immediate head rush and euphoric sensation. This response was strong and instantaneous, which was surprising and distracting at first. After allowing the potent initial jolt to subside, I was able to relish and analyze the tastes. It was very smooth and light. Even after multiple and prolonged sparks, Future still hit easily and delicately. At times I detected very faint berry notes, almost as if a handful of cheap fruit snacks had melted in my mouth. After the strange, brief berry notes passed, the taste changed to that of a smooth and very light cigarette.

The overall feeling was euphoria and relaxation. The initial head rush was discombobulating but thrilling. After allowing a few minutes to go by, the sensation shifted to an overall body and mental stimulation. I felt mentally and visually focused and intrigued by my surroundings. I also noticed that I felt quite a bit more sociable and that other—normally despicable—human beings seemed tolerable.

This strong strain would be useful for those suffering from fatigue or sluggishness. The initial thunderbolt of a head rush sensation is sure to wake one from slumber. This shock could prove a bit much for those who are anxious or for those who are novices to marijuana and its effects.

Future is good for a boost of productivity and creativity and could help with lifting patients’ overall mood. It was an electrifying and entertaining strain to try. The immediate sensation I received might be overwhelming at first, but I ultimately found it to be somewhat thrilling. Hopefully, in the future, all strains will be as enjoyable as Future was.
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