Strain Corner: Lavender Aura

Edward Barrett
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Lavender Aura at Sacred Garden
Lavender Aura
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The smell of lavender evokes strong sentimental feelings within me. At 18, I put college on hold and decided to hike on an ancient pilgrimage route through France. This beautiful hike took me through idyllic medieval hamlets amidst seemingly endless fields and hillocks of lavender and sunflower. In one such village, I stayed at a small hostel and was greeted by the most refreshing and delicious lavender iced tea. This wonderful experience had a profound influence on me.

Suffice to say, New Mexico has its fair share of lavender as well. So it should’ve come as no surprise to me when I saw the strain Lavender Aura (THC: 20.6%, CBD: 0.050%—$12/gram) for sale at
Sacred Garden (3600 Cutler Ave. NE). I was delighted to see this strain and I couldn’t wait to get home and try it.

The smell was a combination of musky herby scents and light floral and sweet aromas. At times I would get a fruity hint of what reminded me of grape-flavored blunts. The buds were very tight and dense with sharp, twisted stems beneath. Faint splashes of green could be seen amid a sea of evergreen and reddish brown. The rusty clumps of hair were abundant and seemed to overtake the bud.

This potent strain could be harsh, as the smoke it produced was very thick and heavy. The taste was slightly floral and bitter and reminded me of basil at times. Towards the end of the bowl and afterward, I began to detect notes of burnt raisins. Despite the roughness of the hits, this was a very pleasing strain to the palate.

The effects took a few minutes to take hold but were relaxing and decadent once felt. I was as if someone had wrapped my body in a steaming hot blanket that was weighted to keep me optimally comfortable. I felt a warm mental haze and fogginess that made me sluggish and distracted but very content. I felt so incredibly comfortable that eventually I began feeling a bit tired and lazy.

This would be a good strain for relief of depression, pain, anxiety, stress and nausea. I’d been feeling sick and worried a couple of days before I ingested this strain, and suddenly all of those ill feelings were lifted. The warm and tired feeling I experienced from this would be great for nighttime smokes and for patients who have trouble sleeping.

Altogether, I found this strong strain to be very pleasing. Despite feeling a bit thick and harsh, it was otherwise very appealing to all of the senses. This potent strain may be a bit much for some newcomers, but the intriguing taste and strong effects make Lavender Aura a worthwhile smoke.
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