Strain Corner: Lemon Skunk

Edward Barrett
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Lemon Skunk at CG
Lemon Skunk
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This past week Albuquerque has seen a lull of sorts in the winter weather. Several of these days have been sunny, warm and pleasant. Maybe all the koalas burning in Australia have given us this nice reprieve, so I guess even global warming has its silver lining. In the spirit of enjoying this beautiful Earth before humanity’s inevitable self-immolation, I decided to take a stroll along the Bosque with my crazy mutt of a dog. After my pleasant riverside ramble, I decided to stop into CG (6614 Gulton Ct. NE) to find a nice strain to cap off my lovely afternoon.

I spoke with the budtender a bit and eventually decided on what they had suggested was a good, even strain—not too heavy or too light. I was already curious about the Lemon Skunk (THC: 17.59%, CBD: 0.00%—$9/gram) because of how nice the buds looked and its cheaper price point. The buds were shockingly bright lime green in color but had darker emerald leaves draped over the main portions. The hairs speckled throughout were a dark, rusty shade and nearly burgundy in places. The nuggets were appealing and had a nice sparkling layer of sugary frost that gave everything a glistening sheen.

After taking a joy ride on the unusually warm day, I finally arrived home and set about trying out this strain. I took a deep whiff of the Lemon Skunk and was surprised by the fact that it wasn’t overwhelmingly skunky in odor. If anything, there was more of a lemon antiseptic sort of smell along with an undertone that seemed slightly tangy and spicy. I took apart the soft, moist and sticky buds and ground them into a fine powder, eagerly awaiting the tastes and effects ahead of me.

The ground flower burnt evenly and nicely but gave off a strange burnt popcorn scent. The taste, however, was quite intriguing and complex—an odd mixture of light citrus notes with more bitter and peppery profiles. After finishing off the tightly packed bowl, I went into the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. I stared at my goofy dog. It was in this banal moment that I noticed a pleasant tingling feeling in my body and head, but more importantly, I felt happy. It could’ve been the nice change in weather and scenery, but the Lemon Skunk undoubtedly helped improve my mood.

I noticed that this strain was making me gigglier and more smiley than usual. I couldn’t help but smirk at the silly expressions my dog was making. My body and mood felt bubbly and comfortable, yet not in an overwhelming way. The effects didn’t last as long as with other strains, but this was exactly what I was looking for on this particular sunny afternoon. Lemon Skunk would be great for newcomers or patients who experience anxiety, as the mild effects are easily approachable and make for a comfortable high. The benefits to my mood were obvious, and this strain would surely be good for depression and stress as well.
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