Strain Corner: London Poundcake

Edward Barrett
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London Poundcake at Seven Clover
London Poundcake
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After all the holiday festivities of the past few weeks, I found myself with a terrible cold. A wheezing cough, runny nose, tender throat, sore body pains and an overall hallucinatory cloudiness in my mind made me feel like a zombie. I felt so crummy that I was even abstaining from my usual marijuana habit. I really wasn’t feeling too hot, but I decided to try and find a good strain to calm me down and distract me. I wandered about Nob Hill one day and decided to stop into Seven Clover (3800 Central Ave. SE) and see what they had available.

I told the budtenders my predicament and my usual tastes and tendencies, and they suggested an interesting strain by the name of London Poundcake (THC: 23.61%, CBD: 2.01%—$11.50/gram). It had a nice gray-green color with slight shades of purple. There were also small clumps of orange hairs scattered about the nuggets. The color was a bit different than usual, but what intrigued me was the tantalizing smells emitted by this particular strain. There was a very musky aroma that eventually subsided into a fainter berry medley scent. It was lightly fruity in odor and honestly smelled quite delicious.

When I got home, I quickly tore apart the moist, soft and sticky buds. Even in my sick, zombified state, I could tell this would be a tasty and intriguing strain. The sweet smells that I detected earlier didn’t translate equally to the taste. The hits were very smooth and had a mushroomy, earthy taste at first that eventually morphed into faintly cheesy and sweet cookie dough flavors.

The effects were mild at first, with a bit of head fuzziness and light body sensations. It was a very nice, relaxing, pleasant and calming high. It wasn’t overwhelming and my sinuses felt clear and better than before. I’m sure the fact that I was smoking flower didn’t help my throat, but it sure made me feel better, and I was distracted enough not to worry about how miserable I felt.

This would be a good strain for those suffering from depression, anxiety, nausea, pain or stress. I found it to be such a relaxing strain, that even while sick and miserable, I could tell how nice and enjoyable it was. The intriguing tastes and smells of London Poundcake are truly unique, but it’s the calm and relaxing effects that sold me on this strain.
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