Strain Corner: Mandarin Cookies

Edward Barrett
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Mandarin Cookies at Urban Wellness
Mandarin Cookies
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One of the effects from consuming cannabis I love most is the giggly, childlike state one can reach. This week I indulged in a strain that made me feel this infantile mood. I decided to do some shopping one cold and brisk day along San Mateo Boulevard, and as I passed Urban Wellness (2910 San Mateo Blvd. NE, Ste. 5), I decided to step in and see what was available.

A strong sativa-dominant hybrid with a silly name, Mandarin Cookies (THC: 23.8%, CBD: 0.06%—$11/gram) caught my eye. The nuggets were dense and covered in sugary hairs. There were sparse clumps of yellow-to-orange colored hairs scattered throughout. The overall body had a light lichen green color that was close to yellow in many parts. The smell exhibited very strong piney and herby notes and even recalled antiseptic—akin at times to rubbing alcohol. Needless to say, I wasn’t reminded of mandarins or cookies, but I was interested nonetheless.

When I got home, I tore off chunks of the moist flower, ground it up into a bowl and quickly sparked it up. The hits were smooth and slightly bitter. There were very faint herbal and savory notes. I noticed that I began to feel a goofy giddiness almost immediately.

I also noticed that I kept smiling and thinking of funny things. There was a heavy amount of visual stimulation and a feeling of wobbliness coupled with a light feeling of body featheriness. The effects were pronounced and convincing, and I noticed that I needed less smoke to feel a usual high—which was nice, as it saved me from plowing through the week’s batch.

I tried to get some work done to no avail. I felt too distracted and silly to fully accomplish anything. Everything was funny and interesting to me, even the most banal movements and actions by my goofy dog. I felt a strange, childlike innocence that was an exhilarating reprieve from the grind of daily adulthood and workaday obligations.

Bouts of random laughter and light heartedness might not be for everyone, however. The pronounced effects make it hard to get anything productive done, and pulling off any secretive weed habits is impossible with droopy eyes and a wide grin. The strong effects also wouldn’t be recommended for newcomers or novices to marijuana or those suffering from anxiety, as it could prove a bit overwhelming. This would be a good strain, however, for those suffering from depression and fatigue. It would also be a good strain for taking part in social situations or interacting with the wide, beautiful world as well.

I found Mandarin Cookies to be a thrilling and entertaining strain. All stress and worry dissipated quickly as I descended into toddler-like random riotous laughter. Enthusiasts looking for a strong sativa buzz ought to try this strain out. I had a grand time with this one and I’m sure many others will, too.
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