Strain Corner: Matriarch

Edward Barrett
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Matriarch at Sacred Garden
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The winter seems to be slowly slinking away into the horizon, leaving behind a sunnier and overall more enjoyable time of year. On a particularly warm day, I decided to head over to Sacred Garden (3600 Cutler Ave. NE, Ste. 12) at the Green Jeans Farmery to take a look at some of their strain selections. I was told to give one of the in-house staples and favorites, Matriarch (THC: 21.40%, CBD: 0.06%—$12/gram), a try. I was eager to get home to try the strain but not before grabbing a bite to eat and a beer while relaxing on one of the terraces overlooking the beautiful I-40 freeway. All kidding aside, it was a nice reminder that sometimes life and the world in general isn’t so bad—despite all the pandemics and cataclysmic fires.

When I got home, I went to my designated spot on the patio and commenced the ritual. I popped open the canister and took out a couple of the buds. The nuggets were large, dense, compact and tight. Once pulled and picked at, the buds fell apart and became dry and crumbly. Sparse, dark red clumps of hairs sporadically displayed their hues amidst the lime-to-evergreen color of the overall body. The smell that this strain exuded was a typical herby and grassy scent—easily recognizable as the tell-tale sign of weed. I crumbled some of the motherly named marijuana into a pipe and proceeded to scorch it into oblivion.

The grassy scent revealed itself to be an indication of the flavor profile, as I mostly detected herbaceous notes at first. The hits started with soupy and vegetal notes that eventually became subsumed by more diesel and skunky undertones. Altogether, the smells and tastes were very familiar and customary for cannabis. The effects also took me to a comfortable and recognizable state of mind. My body and head felt light, effervescent, buzzy and feathery—almost as if I could drift off into a blissful world above the clouds. I also felt giggly, perky, social, alert and focused. At times, however, the warm and cozy feelings consumed my attention and distracted me from being completely immersed in work or chores.

Matriarch is a great strain for those looking for a good, comfortable high that provides a decent jolt to the senses. Its effects would be a useful in social situations, as I felt more attentive and sillier than usual. This also improved my overall mood and would be great for those suffering from depression. The energizing effects proved to be a good boost for my productivity and creativity as well as being a nice stimulant for my dulled senses.

Patients looking for a solid and comfortable strain that exhibits good effects and feelings should be sure to give the maternal Matriarch a try.
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