Strain Corner: Nightmare Cookies

Edward Barrett
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Nightmare Cookies at Minerva Canna
Nightmare Cookies
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On a beautifully sunny but brisk winter day, I decided to take a stroll along the Bosque with my crazy mutt of a dog. After a short riverside amble, I stopped by Minerva Canna (7103 Fourth Street NW, Bldg. M) in Los Ranchos to see what they had available. I told them my preferences and what I was curious about and they suggested a sativa-dominant strain that was deviously named Nightmare Cookies (THC: 18.70%, CBD: 0.60%—$9/gram).

This was a scrumptious-looking strain that had very round and colorful nuggets. There was a fine array of color from light to dark green, and I even noticed hints of a deep purple lurking beneath the emerald carpet. The entirety of the plant was covered in fine sugary crystals and lots of large clumps of fiery orange hairs. Needless to say, I was quite intrigued and tempted by this particular specimen.

When I finally got home, I quickly poured out the globular flowers onto my table. I detected tangy and citrusy scents that were not indicative of an herb at all. The bulbous lumps of marijuana looked so delectable that I just wanted to pop them in my mouth like candies. The buds were very dense and tight—seemingly impervious to the crushing weight of my fingers. But after grinding the condensed little nuggets into a finer powder, I was ready to proceed.

After sparking Nightmare Cookies, I was surprised by how the citrusy smells belied a more savory, soupy and seasoned taste. Some of the hits I experienced were slightly harsh but slowly softened, leading to diesel, chemical and stale mothball notes.

I was caught off-guard by how different the smells and tastes were in this particular strand. I was also surprised by how I felt a sudden jolt that was somehow buzzingly awakening but mind-foggingly distracting. I experienced some visual and mental stimulation along with a light sensation of body frothiness that felt very soothing and lulled me into a sense of content diversion and amusement. I noticed that my appetite for munchies and all manner of foods was heightened and that my eyes were searingly red, so there’s no hiding the stoner behavior on this one.

I found that Nightmare Cookies would be good for those who suffer from depression, nausea or pain. The amusing and soothing sensations you experience are certainly uplifting, and I noticed that a slight headache and stomach twinge I’d had subsided after smoking this strain. Don’t let the ghoulish name trick you, Nightmare Cookies is an enjoyable and charming strain to indulge in.
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