Strain Corner: Paradox

Edward Barrett
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Paradox at Cannaceutics
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Moving from one place to the next can be a very stressful situation. Packing dishes into boxes, disassembling furniture, moving heavy items around and realizing you have too many things can lead to hair loss and popped blood vessels. I’ve recently been undertaking this Herculean task by taking up a new rental in a different part of town. The stress of the move was getting to me, so I decided I would head over to Cannaceutics Inc. (4316 Carlisle Blvd., Ste. D) to see if they had anything to help with my nerves.

The strain that caught my eye was a high-THC sativa hybrid that was mystifyingly named Paradox (THC: 21.20%, CBD: 0.34%—$11/gram). The buds had a nice light green color with a fair amount of long yellow-orange hairs. The nuggets seemed dry but would snap off the stems with a satisfying crunch and crumble apart into a puffy and powdery texture. I suppose this fine yet coarse nature was where the paradoxical name for the strain came about. The smell had a typical musky, pungent, slightly skunky and herby odor.

After crumbling a brittle but simultaneously velvety pile of bud into a bowl, I lit it and noticed how smoothly it hit. There was a strong earthy and piney taste that eventually subsided and was replaced towards the end of the smoke session with nutty notes. I noticed a light feeling of featheriness in my body and a very slight sensation of visual stimulation and blurriness. I felt a bit distracted but also more content and calmer—and this was exactly what I needed.

After sparking a bowl of Paradox, all worries and feelings of malcontent with my moving endeavor subsided, and I receded into a happy place of quiet contemplation. But I still maintained a focused determination to continue the arduous tasks of stacking boxes and lifting chairs and tables. My appetite seemed to increase, which was necessary for all the greasy fast food I was shoving in my face rather than go through the pain of unearthing my pots and pans from the mound of boxes.

Paradox was a solid and standard sativa in smell, taste and effects. This would be a good strain for those who need a slight boost in productivity, creativity, appetite and pain relief. The most beneficial results for me were the mood elevating effects that distracted and lifted me out of a dark place of stress and anxiety. Paradox was exactly what I needed and felt like a comfortable high that was neither too intense or mellow. Perhaps the great paradox for me was that amid all of these large objects in my home, the one thing that was truly bringing me some peace and calm was a small and inert little plant kept hidden in a jar.
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