Strain Corner: Platinum Delights

Edward Barrett
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Platinum Delights at High Desert Relief
Platinum Delights
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There are times when certain strains, like certain delectable artisan cakes, are too beautiful or delicious looking to be destroyed or consumed. This week’s bud pick happened to be such a case. The strain in question came from High Desert Relief (4840 Pan American Fwy NE Ste. H) and was named Platinum Delights (THC: 21.30%, CBD: 0.00%—$10/gram).

Platinum Delights is a hybrid strain that was immediately appealing to my senses. It was coated in crystals, like a popsicle from the freezer, that gave the nuggets an overall sheen and made them glisten and shimmer. The color was a light green with darker leaves punctuated throughout. The hairs had a pale golden-to-orange hue that paired nicely with its overall glittery look.

The smell was lightly fragrant, exuding a faint citrus and woody scent that was very tempting. This strain was one of the prettier and better-smelling ones I’ve had in a bit. The dense and compact buds were a shame to dismantle and burn but tasted smooth and creamy, making their destruction worth it. The taste mimicked the smell in that it had a citrus and lightly loamy mushroom-like taste.

Hybrids are always a mixed bag for me because I usually feel that the indica portion tends to overpower the sativa in effect. This one made me feel quite alert and active like sativas usually do—much to my delight. At first, I felt great body relaxation along with a buzzy feeling of energy and clarity that was quite decadent and soothing. I felt sociable and active, but I also felt comfortable and fluttery. Eventually, however, I started to feel a bit slower and got lost in my thoughts. My body began feeling heavier, and I suddenly found myself wanting to sit on the couch or lay down somewhere comfortable. I continually felt amazing and relaxed—just a bit lazy and drowsy, too.

I feel that hybrids’ effects may depend upon a person’s mood. There were times while hesitantly consuming this beautiful strain when the buzzy sativa-like effects seemed to last longer. All in all, I found this bud to be very interesting and pleasing. It felt complex and layered in taste, smell and effect.

Enthusiasts will enjoy this one for its looks and interesting flavor, smell and effect profiles. It could very well serve people in need of a boost to productivity, creativity or overall mood and well-being. I found it to be useful for social situations, but it would eventually start to leaden my thought and movement. Everybody reacts to everything differently, and the somewhat perplexing yet soothing nature of this strain might be a bit much for novices or newcomers, but it truly all depends. Our bodies are a beautiful mystery and marijuana is a beautiful enigma to combine with them.
Platinum Delights was a crystalline and lustrous flower that enhanced this multifaceted equation and was truly a delight to behold and experience.
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