Strain Corner: Pucker Factor

Edward Barrett
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Pucker Factor at Organtica
Pucker Factor
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I’ve recently completed the arduous task of moving from one rental to another. I’ve always been frugal, so rather than hire people to move our things and to limit the size needed of a truck rental, I would dismantle and rebuild all the large pieces of furniture. After laboring for hours and moving many boxes of kitchenware, clothes, decorations, lamps and whatever else, I found myself drained and uninterested in the banalities of contemporary domicile living.

Luckily, cannabis is always sure to remedy a slew of ailments and woes. This week I stopped by
Organtica (4001 Menaul Blvd. NE) to try one of their strains out. They had a pungent, musky, skunky and mildewy smelling strain that looked interesting. Upon gazing at the dense and thick nugs, I was excited to give Pucker Factor (THC: 18.42%, CBD: 0.37%—$12/gram) a try.

The nuggets exhibited a very light green that was closer to yellow in spots—especially once it was ground up and prepared for smoking. There were small clumps of tall golden and orange hairs speckled throughout, and there were large stems keeping all of the thick flowery material together. The hits were smooth and had light herby and meaty notes early on, but ever so faintly. As the bowl smoldered away, the ground-up Pucker Factor began to taste more diesel-like and even had faint notes of coffee beans. The diesel taste overpowered all other tastes toward the end and was certainly the defining feature of this strain’s flavor profile.

I felt a soothing wave of relaxation after finishing the bowl, but this feeling quickly subsided and was replaced with a buzzy feeling of alertness and energy. I felt productive for a while and seemed to be gaining interest and determination in finishing sorting through the cornucopia of items and belongings in the new and empty house I was moving into. All throughout these productive bouts, I felt an underlying undulation of mental fuzziness and physical heaviness that eventually became stronger. The high finished on a more distracted and lethargic note.

Pucker Factor was a very interesting strain to try. The light flavor profile made it very approachable, but the skunky smell makes it a dead giveaway when ingesting. The early and late indica traits that I experienced with this strain would make it useful for temporary relief and distraction from pain or nausea. The buzzy and energetic bouts could be useful in easing social anxiety, elevating overall mood and promoting creativity and productivity. The smooth hits and the layered range of effects make Pucker Factor a strain worth crumpling your lips for.
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