Strain Corner: Sandia Sangria

Edward Barrett
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Sandia Sangria at Sandia Botanicals
Sandia Sangria
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The weather has been warming up in the new year and to fully appreciate the beautiful days, I’ve been taking longer walks with my dog and generally trying to find ways to keep busy outdoors as best as I can. Despite the respite from the cold weather, the sun still sets too early and tricks my mind into being lazy. I don’t fight it. If anything, I relish the feeling of drifting away into a comfortably sluggish haze. I decided to enrich those late-night feelings of coziness with an intriguing indica hybrid strain from Sandia Botanicals (2406 Comanche Rd. NE) named Sandia Sangria (THC: 18.95%, CBD:0.60%—$10/gram).

The nuggets were dazzling—almost shimmering under the light due to the glistening layer of sugary crystals that powdered everything. The buds themselves were pale green and yellow, almost like dry, sun-scorched grass at times, depending on the lighting. The hairs that were sparsely punctuated throughout had various woodsy colors such as brown, orange, ochre and a rusty red. The glittering presence of this finely named strain had me intrigued, so with my latest prize, I hurriedly headed home to test it out firsthand.

The glossy sheen caked atop the buds translated to a soft, moist and sticky texture, making it seem all the more delectable. While tearing apart the tender chunks, light basil and herby scents began to waft through the air. I quickly ground up the flower and hastily sparked the bowl, eager to get a taste and sensation from this alluring strain. The hits were smooth and cooling with lightly sweet, lemony notes as well as minty, mentholated hints.

I immediately felt a wave of relaxation and ease that poured over my body and made me want to instantly curl up in a warm blanket and gaze off into nothingness. I felt sluggish and distracted but calm and comfortable at the same time. My thoughts drifted off on random tangents, all while my body delighted and rejoiced in the warm undulations I was experiencing. Eventually, the comforting feelings became quite potent and led me to a state of blissful sleep.

Sandia Sangria was a delightful strain to sample. Its heady and intoxicatingly soothing effects make it perfect for patients suffering from pain, stress, nausea, or depression. The strength and potency might be a bit much for novices and newcomers—and it certainly won’t be a productive high—but for those who are experienced, Sandia Sangria is a euphoric and enjoyable strain to experience.
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