Strain Corner: Sativa Diva

Edward Barrett
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Sativa Diva at Grassroots Rx
Sativa Diva
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After all the reverie and jubilation of the holidays, I found that I needed some peace and quiet. I had been sick for quite some time during the previous week, and my throat and sinuses were finally beginning to show signs of clearing. I decided that I would try to find a soothing and pleasing strain in order to soothe my nerves and body into a state of lull and lethargy. I headed over to Grassroots Rx (3701 San Mateo Blvd. NE) to see what they had available.

The strain that immediately piqued my interest was one named Sativa Diva (THC: 20.90%, CBD: 0.00%—$11/gram). This was a very bright green strain that was close to yellow in certain parts. There were small clumps of reddish and rusty brown hairs sparsely scattered about. The nuggets looked like sun-scorched globules of grass. The buds were very soft and moist yet dense at the same time. When I took a deep whiff in order to capture the aroma, I detected a characteristic musky, tangy, herby and piney scent profile.

I ground the dense nuggets down into a bowl and was pleased with how smooth and mild the hit was. After having been sick for the past week, my throat was beginning to feel like corroded scaffolding, so the mellow hits from Sativa Diva were a welcome feeling. The flavors I detected were a peculiar mixture of a bitter woodsy taste combined with a staler, more bready note.

As I laid down the bowl and made my way to the couch, I was struck by a nice dizzy sensation that eventually subsided into a more mellow physical buzz. I began to feel as if I was being swaddled in a warm blanket of distraction and contemplation. I couldn’t focus on anything important or proper, and I was in a blissful state of comfortable confusion and sloth. The usual nausea I tend to feel on most days—especially when overcoming colds—was notably less powerful when I smoked Sativa Diva.

This would be a good strain for those suffering from nausea, pain, anxiety, stress, depression or insomnia. The relaxing sensation I felt with Sativa Diva was quite blissful and comforting but prevented me from doing anything eventful or meaningful during the day. For those looking for a nice mellow high that will slowly drift you to a comfortable state of couchlock, be sure to give Sativa Diva a try.
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