Strain Corner: Secret Formula #2

Edward Barrett
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Secret Formula #2 at PurLife
Secret Formula #2
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There are times in life when we get tired of the daily routine of home and work. Sometimes we need a little intrigue in our lives to spice things up. Film noir and detective thrillers add conspiracy and excitement to otherwise mundane settings and existences—this is what can make them so compelling. While doing some shopping along Menaul Boulevard one day, I stopped in at the PurLife (3821 Menaul Blvd. NE, Ste. F) dispensary to check some of their stuff out. When I saw the high potency strain mysteriously named Secret Formula #2 (THC: 22.87%, CBD: 0.10%—$11.12/gram), I felt I had to give it a closer inspection.

The budtender noted that this was a hybrid cross between some indica heavy-hitters. The nuggets were very dense and had vivid bright green shades along with the usual darker evergreen-colored leaves. The intermittently dispersed hairs of this flower had a fine golden to orange hue to them. The odor emanating from the thick buds was surprisingly tamer than one would imagine. There was a very thin herbal musk that revealed a cool and fresh scent that was inexplicably watery. Oddly odoriferous—was this the mystery behind the name?

This was going to be a tough case to crack. The smells that I picked up made me wonder how smoking it would feel and taste. The condensed chunks took a while to grind and eventually light up, but once I did, I was surprised by the bitter and harsh campfire taste that I picked up. The smoke was very heavy and thick, which made my throat hurt for a bit after the session was over. But as the bowl was dying down, the severity diminished and began to have a more vegetal celery-like tang. Peculiarly palatable—could this be the mystery for this strain?

There was an immediate blissful feeling of frenetic interest and stimulation associated with my immediate surroundings. I was alert and roused to complete tasks and physical work, but there was a faint sensation of body featheriness that eventually overpowered the buzzy feelings. This didn’t happen for quite a while, though. It was a perplexingly calm yet energetic high. Weirdly wild effects—might this explain what the secret could be?

This was quite a strong strain—both in the harshness of the smoke and the intensity of the effects. I found it to be very enjoyable, but it might not be best for neophytes or those who are prone to anxiety and overstimulation. The sudden jolt and joy I received while smoking this would be great for battling depression and fatigue. I also noticed it helped with some light stomachaches I had one day.

Secret Formula #2 was an intensely mysterious strain that surprised me on the first run. With its odd smells and strange gradient of tastes, this strain packed quite a potent punch that I was never able to entirely figure out. For those who can handle rough smoke and want a little intrigue, be sure to give this strain a try. Maybe someone else will be able to figure out what the secret is …
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