Strain Corner: Toxic Spill

Edward Barrett
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Toxic Spill At Harvest Foundation
Toxic Spill
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We’re lucky here in Albuquerque to have a rather large pool of dispensaries relative to the size of the city. This week I decided to try Harvest Foundation (220 Copper Ave. NW, Ste. 110A) which recently opened a location Downtown. They are still in the process of completely fleshing out their opening, but they do offer respectable set quantities of good quality flower.

One of their in-house favorites that was suggested to me was named
Toxic Spill (THC: 25.13%, CBD: 0.56%–$13/gram) which was a strong sativa hybrid. What immediately struck me was how pungent the smell was. It was very dank, skunky, musty and smelled almost like ripened cheese in character at first, but it gradually eased into a more herby and earthy scent.

The buds were compact and moist with a nice mixture of pale to dark green colors within. The hairs were a very burnt orange, nearing the color of darkened cherry tree wood. Each pull and tear at the tender nuggets released more of the thick fragrance into the air. When packed and lit, it seemed to burn well for quite some time. The taste was akin to that of burnt vegetables, such as broccoli or kale, and at times, I would get soupy notes.

I felt an almost immediate head rush along with a dizzying sense of clarity and energy. Paired with this euphoric feeling was an overall soothing bodily sensation. I did end up having a really dry mouth along with slightly stinging eyes that reddened after a while. This wasn’t incredibly uncomfortable but was noticeable.

All in all, this was a very solid and enjoyable sativa hybrid. It would be of use and beneficial to those suffering from fatigue and drowsiness, depression or nausea or for those lacking in creativity or willpower. The vibrant and vigilant feeling experienced with this strain would be good for social situations, as it leaves one feeling upbeat and positive. But the strong and pungent odor might be a bit of a turn-off or distraction. On that note,
Toxic Spill is not the best for discretion. The strong odor is easily detected, and the tell-tale signs of being stoned are exhibited by this strain—such as cottonmouth and red eyes.

It would seem that newcomer Harvest Foundation has a strong and potent strain on their hands. The overall feeling is one typical for high-percentage sativas and it delivers nicely. Aside from the overwhelming odor at times, this is a great daytime weed to indulge in. I would highly recommend giving their in-house favorite
Toxic Spill a try along with some of their other tantalizing and intriguing strains.
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