Strain Corner: White Walker Kush

Edward Barrett
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White Walker Kush
White Walker Kush
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I’ve always been on the fence about hybrids. Personally preferring sativa, I’ve found indica strains make me feel too heavy or drowsy. They have their time and place—and that’s not during the daytime, which is when I wanted to smoke.

I was over on the Westside so I decided to stop into
Ultra Health (5115 Coors Blvd. NW, Ste. A) to try something out. A strong hybrid alluringly named White Walker Kush (THC: 22.100%, CBD: 0.060%–$14/gram) caught my eye. The budtenders had mentioned it was a sativa dominant bud so I was hoping this sinister-sounding strain could change my outlook.

The appearance of this hybrid was a dark lichen color that was peppered throughout with burgundy and rusty looking hairs. It was very dense and compact and somewhat dry, but this made it easy to chip off bits of the bulky nuggets. The smell had a strong earthy, curried and almost peanut buttery scent to it that was at times reminiscent of the loam of a forest floor. Once I was finally able to relax and take a nice hit, its dry texture sparked quickly and stayed lit, leading to an easy and enjoyable smoke session. The smoke smell also reminded me of the forest. Notes of herby pine needle-like tangs came through, although it was sometimes a bit harsh.

I was curious to see how a hybrid would make me feel. According to Ultra Health’s website,
White Walker Kush is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a 60/40 ratio. I wanted to see how this close ratio would add up to in terms of overall effects and feelings. After several days of smoking at different hours and under varying circumstances, I have come to determine that this particular hybrid acts as a sort of adaptor for dispositions. Depending on my mood or setting, the high seemed to accentuate or even determine my overall feelings.

There was a strong body heaviness that felt good but would sometimes begin to make me feel fatigue if too much was ingested. Despite any possible feelings of drowsiness or cloudiness, however, there was always a lingering and persistent buzzy feeling that also made me feel alert and happy. I seemed to be drifting between this ethereal feeling of breezy engagement with the world and a heavy but comfortable detachment from it. It was quite an enjoyable feeling, but it did not perk me up or inspire me, as a true sativa would. There certainly was the buzzy jolt of a sativa within the effects but despite being less indica dominant, it felt more akin to one.

In the end,
White Walker Kush was a very enjoyable strain that was able to fuse the effects of both sativa and indica together quite nicely. Although I could certainly notice the effects of both, the indica still seemed to overpower the experience. This was not bad by any means but has not changed my mind concerning hybrids. They are great strains but still exhibit more of the indica elements and effects. The strong body relaxation coupled with the perky alertness would be great for people dealing with nausea, depression, anxiety and pain.
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