20 Questions

The Alibi Trivia Challenge Is Back

Jessica Cassyle Carr
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20 Questions
Boy’s Dormitory, UNM.
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Taunt your mind with the trivia below. Are the questions small enough to fit in a bread box? Take the quiz to find out.


1) What is Hidden Park’s real name?

2) What was former Mayor Harry E. Kinney’s unlikely profession after serving as mayor?

3) In what year was UNM founded?

4) Where does Albuquerque’s population rank among U.S. cities?

a. 28

b. 34

c. 42

d. 50

New Mexico

5) Bee’eldííldahsinil is Navajo for what?

6) What was the first film made in New Mexico?

7) In what New Mexico town is it illegal for a woman to appear
unshaven in public?

8) Grants is now known as the "uranium capital of the world," but it used to be known as the "____ capital of the world."

a. sand

b. carrot

c. jackalope

d. meteorite

9) The sand at White Sands is not sand. What is it?

10) Charleton Heston starred in what movie adapted from an 1880 historical novel penned by
a New Mexico governor?

11) What Western swing musician was once a barber in Roy, N.M.?

12) How many Blake’s Lotaburger locations are there in New Mexico?

a. 76

b. 12

c. 32

d. 102

13) There have been approximately how many plague cases in New Mexico since the mid-20 th century?

a. 50

b. 150

c. 250

d. 350


14) What animal were the Israelites forbidden to eat in the Old Testament?

a. pig

b. goat

c. goose

d. rabbit

15) When a chicken egg is hatched beneath a toad or serpent, what monster is produced?

a. basilisk

b. crocolisk

c. godzilla

d. hydra

16) In what year was the word "computer" used to describe something other than "a person who performs calculations"?

a. 1598

b. 1701

c. 1781

d. 1897

17) What color is produced at 5500 Angstroms?

a. yellow

b. violet

c. orange

d. green

18) Which president had the shortest term in office?

a. Martin Van Buren

b. William Henry Harrison

c. Abraham Lincoln

d. John F. Kennedy

19) According to the Mayan calendar, when is the world supposed to end?

a. 2010

b. 2012

c. 2014

d. 2016

20) The sun’s death is how many light-years away?

a. less than one

b. 3

c. 5

d. 8


1) McDuffie Park. 2) taxi driver. 3) 1889. 4) B. 5)Albuquerque. 6)
Indian Day School was filmed at Isleta Pueblo in 1898 by Edison Company. 7) Carrizozo. 8) B. 9) white gypsum crystals. 10) Ben-Hur . 11) Bob Wills. 12) A. 13) C. 14) D. 15) A. 16) D. 17) A. 18) B. 19) B. 20) C.
20 Questions

Harry E. Kinney

20 Questions

Carrizozo is a cool name for a town.

Warren Price

20 Questions


20 Questions

We’re all gonna die!

20 Questions

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