Alibi V.22 No.14 • April 4-10, 2013 

BOB: Community Pick

Michael Henningsen

PIO/Media and Marketing Director for Expo New Mexico and Former Alibi Editor/Music Editor

Michael Henningsen, circa 1994!
Michael Henningsen, circa 1994!

Bill Richardson is a true craftsman, perhaps the only real one in the whole state. Take your guitars to him or sell them and buy new ones and just hope for the best from the factory. What Bill's got working is a thing called magic, and if you're not too obstinate or full of yourself, he'll even teach you how to take care of your own shit so you don't keep having the same stupid problems musicians have with stringed instruments. Try getting that somewhere else.

Charley’s 33’s and CD’s

Almost the last man standing when it comes to mom 'n' pop record stores, but this pick isn't by default. Charley's has worked very hard over the last couple of decades to deliver the best stock at the best prices and still make trading worthwhile. Knowledgeable, friendly staff and window decals, too! And the used death metal CDs are priced at $6.66. Albuquerque's Waterloo.

Always was and still is the best New Mexican food on the planet, bar none.

Lynette Laburquena

Best local character, hands down, by Lauren Poole, the City's best actress.

State Fair

Once you factor in the hours upon hours of entertainment and shit to ogle at the State Fair compared to the paltry admission price and the fact that general parking is now free, this is a no-brainer: best entertainment value even if I do happen to work there.