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Satellite Coffee/Flying Star Café, Best Cup of Coffee (Tina Larkin)
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The best of Burque’s breakfasts.

Best Breakfast Overall

You may know a secret spot to scarf down the best bacon or the best French toast or the best egg white omelet. But what if you can’t make up your mind? Apparently, the best place to go when you don’t know what you want is Frontier. Stumble in wearing your bunny slippers on a Sunday morning, and you can stand in the nice, long line, slowly contemplating Western-style hash browns, sweet rolls and fresh-squeezed OJ, or everybody’s favored fallback, the breakfast burrito smothered in green chile stew. (DO’L)


The Range Café

Best Pancakes

The only thing better than Frontier pancakes is being able to eat them pretty much whenever you want. Early breakfast, brunch, supper, midnight snack—it doesn’t matter. Just put ’em on a plate, slather them in syrup and get ’em in your face. Or try covering the fluffy foods honey and rolling them up like a tortilla for maximum consumption. However they’re eaten, Frontier pancakes are the Duke City’s best. (AD)


3) Tie:
Sophia’s Place, The Range Café

Best Omelet

In 1914’s exhaustive Le Répertoire de la Cuisine , Louis Saulnier famously rattles off a list of 422 egg dishes. Many have disappeared off the culinary map (broasted eggs, anyone?), but les omelettes endure at The Range Café. It takes its job as Keeper of the Omelet Flame seriously, whipping up masterpieces with white cheddar, cream cheese, avocado, hollandaise and bacon, to name a few of the egg-enhancing ingredients you’ll find stuffed inside your breakfast. (LM)

2) Le Peep


Best Breakfast Burrito

Remember when Beavis and Butt-head go to Stewart’s house and his mom gives them breakfast burritos? The titular cartoon characters are appalled to find eggs in a burrito; which is entirely implausible because "Beavis and Butt-head" is set in Albuquerque, where burritos with eggs are as common as turquoise jewelry and dirt lots. In fact, this breakfast food is likely Burque’s foremost A.M. delectable. Unsurprisingly, 35-year-old Golden Pride BBQ Chicken & Ribs takes the gold (-en pride) in this category. In all of its inexpensive, drive-through glory, a menu of 10 breakfast burritos is way better than the one Stewart’s mom makes. (JCC)


3) Dos Hermanos

Best Brunch

Hands-down, brunch is the most important meal of the day. It allows you to sleep in and then swig booze alongside a spread of croissants. The Grove Café and Market gives you all that and a conscience. Local, organic, seasonal and artisan are just a few of the responsible terms used to describe its fare—and yummy, of course. (MT)

Brasserie La Provence

3) Tie:
Slate Street Café, The Range Café, Weck’s, Zinc Wine Bar & Bistro

Best Bacon

Bacon has made many vegetarians question their deeply held beliefs, so it’s tough to call any bacon bad. But the restaurant readers consistently pick as the very best bacon procurer is Gold Street Caffè. Crispy, with just the right amount of juiciness, sweetness and salt, Gold Street brings home the bacon trophy again. (SM)

The Range Café

3) Tie:
Frontier, Slate Street Café

Best Eggs Benedict

It’s hard to find a good plate of eggs Benedict in this city. A standard item on breakfast menus the country over, here it’s been mostly replaced by New Mexico’s most famous egg-centric breakfast item, huevos rancheros. But for those who crave poached eggs on a bed of English muffin, ham (or spinach and tomato for the veggies) and hollandaise sauce, there are a few gastronomic respites. Le Peep took home highest honors in this category, so march yourself over there for a fix. (CC)

2) Gold Street Caffè

3) Tie: Brasserie La Provence, The Grove Café and Market

Best Healthy Breakfast

Known for its sinfully rich baked goods, Flying Star Café still manages to step up to the breakfast plate with healthy menu options. This local chain makes a lasting impression on Albuquerque with foods like scrambled tofu (or cage-free, drug-free eggs) and organic yogurt parfaits. (TA)

2) The Grove Café and Market

3) Le Peep

Best Toast

“So if you’d all join me in raising our glasses to the lovely couple in fancy clothes”—oh, wait. You mean that other toast. The kind slathered in butter and jam. The kind you dip in your egg yolk and gobble up, ignoring the crumbs that land in your once trendy goatee. The kind Flying Star serves. Made from freshly baked bread and studded with nine grains (of which we can only name five), this toast calls for, well, a toast. (MT)


3) Java Joe’s

Best Cup Of Coffee

Our coffee-craving citizens have spoken: Satellite Coffee (and by extrapolation, its parent, Flying Star Café) is where we get our fix. Locally roasted beans are used in each cup—be it drip or espresso—to assure freshness in every sip. It’s the little things that count in coffee, and Satellite has its caffeinated ducks in a row. (AD)

2) Starbucks

3) Tie: M Café, Winning Coffee Co.
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