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Fabulous french toast from Flying Star (Eric Williams ericwphoto.com)
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Best Huevos Rancheros


When our readers want huevos, they come calling at the Range Café, where the eggs are piled high with pinto beans and white cheddar cheese. Naturally the red or green chile is fresh, spicy and a guaranteed way to kick your day into high gear New Mexico style.

2) Mannies Family Restaurant

3) Barelas Coffee House

Best Breakfast Burrito



What does it take to win the best breakfast burrito category in a town that adores breakfast burritos? Perfect proportions of lip-smacking hash browns, warm egg, melted cheese and green chile wrapped in a house-made flour tortilla. And you have to serve them all day long. The institution that is Frontier/Golden Pride has it in the bag as usual.

2) Blake’s Lotaburger

3) Twisters

Best Pancakes


Have you ever started eating your pillow in your sleep because you were dreaming it’s 1955 and there’s a huge stack of buttermilk pancakes soaked with butter and warm, sticky syrup in front of you? You were probably dreaming of Weck’s. You might want to get help for that.

2) The Range Café

3) The Grove Café and Market

Best Waffles


These days, we see fried chicken and waffles seeming to pop up at every corner cafe, but Nexus was one of the first to bring the Southern treat to our desert city. With waffles this crisp and golden, it’s no wonder our readers decided to peek under the chicken and honor them.

2) Tia Betty Blue’s

Best French Toast


“$11.59 for French toast?” you say to yourself, and you scoff. But part of you has to know, so you make sure none of your friends are around and you order. Ten minutes later you’re in some kind of breakfast bread paradise, with slices of brioche drowning in brown sugar syrup and smothered with lightly sauteed strawberries and bananas. How could you ever have let a vulgar concern like money stand between you and this buttery ecstasy?

2) Weck’s

3) The Range Café

Best Eggs


There are a bazillion ways to screw up eggs. Too slippery, too slidy, too dry, too pale, too quivery, too chewy, too illegal (turtle eggs). Weck’s knows a thing or two about how to crack a shell and fry a yolk, so naturally, you voted them best eggs.

2) The Grove Café and Market

3) Flying Star Café/Gold Street Caffe/The Range Café

Best Bacon


These days, bacon is something of a hipster fad, with the savory pork product appearing in donuts, muffins, cakes and even flavored soda. But Gold Street Caffe was perfecting the art of the slice before it was cool. They fry it up right, add a touch of red chile glaze and voila, just the right blend of salty/savory/sweet to meld with your pancakes in a succulent plate of heaven. Hipsters be damned.

2) The Range Café

3) Café Lush/Weck’s

Best Healthy Breakfast


Some weekends, the call of the couch and a whole season of Walter White’s antics on DVD are too strong to do anything but embrace one’s inner sloth and waste the day away. Emerge from your home long enough to start with an egg white frittata or hot oatmeal from the Grove, though, and you might actually feel like you did something healthy.

Best Cup Of Coffee


Those who need coffee know its many, sometimes ugly, permutations. Burqueños avoid the gas station grimace by choosing Satellite/Flying Star for their caffeine needs. The flavor is so tasty that some people even order decaf. Decaf!

2) Zendo

3) The Grove Café and Market

Best Brunch


Brunch, elevensies, in-betweensies, drunken-sleeping-insies—call it what you want, bon vivants and modern persons-about-town will know what you mean. From the croque madame to the fruit crepe pancakes, the Grove knows just how to set the perfect mid-matinal tone. Bonus points for their indoor patio and
New York Times stand.

2) Blackbird Buvette/Café Lush

3) Farm & Table

Best Biscuits And Gravy


Yes, we love Duke City Donuts’ delicious pastries, but the one-of-a-kind shop is starting to offer more than just cake, sugar and yeast. Our readers, for instance, are branching out with Duke City’s sublime biscuits and gravy. And if there’s still room after a plate, a maple bacon donut should round out the meal nicely.

2) Weck’s

3) Grandma’s K & I Diner

Best Chicken Fried Steak


For a Southerner, a good chicken fried steak captures the essence of “comfort food” like few other items. When our readers need a fix of pan-fried, breaded beef like Mama used to make, they head over to the Range Café.

2) Murphy’s Mule Barn

3) Weck’s

Best Hash Browns/Homefries


Oh potato … you ripen underground, in the dark, in obscurity, until plucked from the dirt. Then we dice you, shred you, make a hash of you and brown you. Then we eat you and back to the darkness you go! Potatoes, you could do worse than ending up in the skillet at Weck’s—our favorite source for crispy, golden, earthy deliciousness.

2) Frontier Restaurant

3) Perea’s
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