Albuquerque 101

Ty Bannerman
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Burque Beginners Guide to Cultural Survival
(Robert Maestas)
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As the New Mexico summer begins to fade into autumn (it’ll happen! I promise), a new school year is starting out. From all across the state, the country and even the world, incoming college students are arriving in Albuquerque for the first time and, well, probably feeling a little bit freaked out. It’s natural. And Albuquerque in particular can sometimes seem intimidating to those who aren’t used to its peculiarities.

That’s why for this year’s Back to School issue, your friends at the
Alibi have assembled a quick-and-dirty guide to what’s so damned awesome about this town. The fact is that we want you new guys to learn to love Burque as much as we do, and we want to help you do it.

Whether you’re looking for the local music scene, wanting to learn about the city’s culture and history through its street art, or bewildered by the terrible things you keep hearing about the neighborhoods and wanting to get to the truth of the matter, we’ve got you covered. And more besides.

We hope you enjoy this issue and learn a little something about your new home. We really hope that you start down the trailhead we’ve marked for you and follow it to become a cool Albuquerque person we’d want to hang out with. And we really, really, really hope that you don’t turn out to be a bitter hipster who won’t shut up about how much better Austin is.
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