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August March
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On Saturday, Mar. 24 Rejoice: Best of Burque Music Showcase is Go
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Driving home while thinking about the cultural profoundity of events like Weekly Alibi’s upcoming Best of Burque Music Showcase—which is happening on Saturday evening, March 24, downtown, in case you did not know that fact—led me to the shores of ghetto Smith’s where I repaired to the produce section for some fresh fruit to calm my florid mind.

Standing amongst the apples and oranges two youthful humans dialoged. This is what they said:

—Do you like parties?

—Yeah …

—We can invite all our friends and have soda and pie!

—Nah, let’s just go Downtown Saturday! The
Alibi gots that Best of Burk music fest. There’s, like, 24 bands playing at five different clubs and shizz.

—OMG, check out this ad,
Spaceblnkt, The Despots, The Riddims and Moonshine Blind are headlining! Didn’t you tweet everyone on our friends list about how you had a crush on the bass player? …

—I did swipe right, but ever mind, dude … I’m only thinking about what cool club we should start partying at that night!

You heard it here first. The best local music showcase ever—in the known universe probably—available for your kind and conscientious consumption. And it’s on Saturday night, for Crissakes!

Here’s what to expect:

Sister Bar (407 Central NW) (Ages: 21+)

DJ Leftovers [of Leftover Soul], Crushed!?, Baracutanga, The Talking Hours, Russian Girlfriends, Moonshine Blind

Side Effex (420 Central SW) (Ages: 21+)

The Timewreckers, Cowboys and Indian, Asa Martin, Spaceblnkt

Launchpad (618 Central SW) (Ages: 21+)

Ashes of Jupiter, Cobra vs. Mongoose, Sorry Guero, Felix Y Los Gatos, The Riddims

Duel Brewing ABQ (606 Central SW) (Ages: 21+)

James Whiton, Gunsafe, Delphia, Def-i

Moonlight Lounge (120 Central Ave SW) (Ages: 21+)

The Tylor Brandon Band, Citizens of Tape City, The Horned God, The Despots

Carry on, rocanrolers, carry on.

Best of Burque Music Showcase 2018

Saturday, March 24, 2018: 8pm-1:45am

$10 in advance • $15 Day of Show

Buy Your Tickets Here!

at Downtown Albuquerque’s Best Clubs:

The Launchpad, Sister, Side Effex, The Moonlight Lounge and Duel Brewing

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