Alibi Fiesta Picks

Sarah Bonneau
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Alibi Fiesta Picks
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Hootie and Hollerin’

Hootie & the Blowfish main man
Darius Rucker returns to Albuquerque with a performance on the last Saturday of Balloon Fiesta, Oct. 12. His country music career turn has earned him accolades for a warm, authentic sound. The festival will begin at noon and conclude with Rucker’s performance, which starts at 4pm. Guests who purchase Music Fiesta tickets can also stay to enjoy the Night Magic Balloon Glow and AfterGlow fireworks.

Anything to Do with Pyrotechnics

Our fireworks are big. It is great to lie under a broad, beautiful starry sky and watch the sparks fly. Warning: Traffic is heavy on these nights, so leave early and empty your bladder prior because navigating those gumps in the dark is a nightmare. 

If you want to watch with no traffic and no crowds, I highly recommend the view from Roadrunner Park in Corrales Heights, Rio Rancho. This park borders the Sandoval County Flood Control Basin, and hundreds can bring chairs and coolers to watch the Balloon Glow and fireworks. It’s at the end of Sabana Grande. Check out
last year’s Balloon Fiesta feature, “The Last Frontier of Free Viewing” for in-depth directions and an interactive map.

Explosion Guide

Oct. 5—8pm

Oct. 6—8pm

Oct. 10—8pm

Oct. 11—8pm

Oct. 12—8pm

Alibi Fiesta Picks

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