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Alibi Love Notes
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NB, you make my heart sang! You make every thang grooovy! WILD THANG! Me love you long time! —Sumyounguy

My Blue: I had no idea 1 date would turn into the greatest 2 week adventure of my life! You are my soul-mate and I LOVE YOU.

I want to call you babicakes, sweet cheeks, butter butt. Is that to much to ask??? This V’day let’s make our own Keebler elves! ARF

Jerry, Happy Valentine’s Day Baby. I’m blessed to have you as my husband, friend and lover! You’re forever my one and only. Love You! XOXOXO

Dear M,

You bring out the best in me and I love you.

Happy Valentine’s day, but also happy each day we’re together.

Buddy, I love you more than words can express. After 19 years I love you more each day. Buzz

Dear Handsome my life is filled with constant joy for the life we have built together. You and Bunnie have my heart forever. Love Beauty

Dear Bunnie, i rejoiced the day you were born…you are my beating heart and a wonderful girl. Love and kisses forever, MammaPajama

JMH- Some day we’ll have a romantic adventure in New Zealand; until then I’ll adore our time making nachos and watching football together xoxo MJL

Puppa no dog does Elvis like you. You keep my lap warm in winter. Picking up your poop is a privilege.

R.T.- This makes the fifth Valentine’s Day together. I can tell by the number of roses pinned to my wall. Hearts, A.L.

T.B. and B.B.- You’re both so cute I could just squeeze you to death, but I won’t. Happy Valentine’s Day! M.B.

Gomez – U R like a small dog – #4

X14 – thanks for 19 yrs of love love love – lance


Lets always be the weird boring couple and grow old together. Stay happily in love 🙂 i love you hunnie and Drama too! Twitterz

No words can quantify this perpetual adulation. You metal bending inamorata, I chose you effortlessly. Flowers have absolutes while wearing initialed brad around my neck.


Everyday with you is magical.

Let’s live Happily

Ever after.

Smouth and all.

I love you sooooo much

Love Monkey


I love when you play with me. You’re the best roomie ever. You make me purr. I love watching movies with you. Meow.


JWest- you’re still one of the top 5. If you moved back to Chicago, I’d share a couch with you again for old-times. Happy V-day.


If Jon BonJovi came to my door with a lifetime supply of cheese, I’d tell him, “Sorry, my dreams have already come true.”


Mama- “Nap” is my favorite word. -Allagash

Lilyal Forever!

Noodle Nugget,

You are the best kid a stommy could ever dream of! You are awesome and I am so proud of you!

oxxo ylsm


From the Caribbean to the desert you have made my life a brilliant, hilarious, happy adventure. Thanks for being my Valentine!



my dearest red-headed beauty. i love you beyond words, and am grateful everyday for having you in my life. love always, your naughty robot.

My Dearest!

Thank you for giving me your love and having the patience of a saint! I love you, Babe!

Babycakes! I am the luckiest girl in the world! Beach, mountains or the Westside, if we’re together, it’s Heaven. And…I love you

Smoochy smoochy, my sweet smizmar!

Zenobia, You are the song in my heart, the woman of my dreams and reality. I adore you. Your Gwen

Lucy- I love you very much and Loki says so as well. Love Jason

Much love for Food Not Bombs and all individuals who share food and love with the community

Happy 2nd Valentines Day TW! Thanks for making my life so magical. I Love You with all My Heart! xoxo Love always, HB


My love for you lives deep,

Like crustaceans at the bottom of the ocean,

Dionysus swagger,

Love drunk on nectars of your potion



if only i could rhyme

i’d pair nate with great

my dear to chevalier

and tell you how I love you



I’d write your name in the sky, but for now I’ll profess my love in The Alibi.

Sincerely yours, with togethership and much withness

Juanito, You keep my toes and heart toasty- realize the importance of your dulcet tones- together we’ll keep a balance through life’s unknowns. Your Gypsy-Honkey

Oh Nick, lovely FROG, I gladly sit on your log. So you know, it’s not only I… Bangbang and Barkley, know you’re the best guy.


Riding Harleys, birds a-wing

Going dancing, country swing

Let’s ride the road ahead

Even if you wreck my bed


Kellie, Matt, and David are the best kids a mother could have. Not sure how the genes made such diverse outcomes but OK! Love,Mom


Satans, chupe-mc-cabras, and psychos.. oh my!

Its been a long time comin, but I’m glad your mine!

– cara mia..mon cheri

Cliff, MY HUSBAND! You are the most amazing husband and father. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Always and Forever!!! Love, your wife, Diana

Santino and Dominic, you are the love of my life. God blessed me with you. I am forever grateful!! I love you mucho!! YO Mama.

# 1 Hubbins: Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweet Hubs! Tortilla + melon = BIG LOVE, DAMMIT! #1 Wife

To my sweet Jujuberry: Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you a million stars!! Love, Momster xoxoxox

Te extrano.Every sweet song is about you.I love our moments together, sweet, funny, relaxing, exciting, loving, supportive. I will be more specific.



Sadeyes baby you know we doin sumthin right when all they can do is talk shit and hate huh love you baby. AmPLoca

Sadeyes Our Love Doesnt Just Come From Anywhere. Our Love Doesnt Compare Cause We Are An Original Pair!!!Thats Because I Gave You My Underwear. Beautimystified

Boo – LOVE YOU, love you, love you forever!!! Munchys, Pig, The Doodles, Cheepie&Pearl, Goose, The Mati, Fish&Turtles, AND Guess Who? 😉

Hi Jim – You always have and always will be the best brother ever!!! Love ya – Anne

Fuzz – I am eternally grateful for you teaching me to have a passion for skiing, There is nothing better. Hugs always – Your Boo

To the best Mama ever who lets me have a zoo in our house. Love The Boo and Animals


Greg: When You walk into the room, I know everything is fine.You called me! And I’m so glad you did.I love and adore you. Janet

Sam: You love to run. You love to play. And at night with me when you lay is the greatest part of my day! Nancy

Smokey, tell your Daddy that my Mommy loves him…Leona

To Kevi …We met a year ago, with no expectations. Who knew you would become the love of my life. Love you always, Sarah Bear.

Reg, we may have had 37 Valentine’s Days together, but they all seem like the first! 143 forever! Marg

A-ROCK!! It’s not that I think to write to you in newspapers, it’s that you’re the one who makes me want to. Happy Valentine’s amiga!

Need cheering up? CLICK.



Darling honey bear,

My favorite things in the world= You, Faisal, Bonnie, Clyde, and Zeus.

Love always, your sugar plumP


NY, Portland, Phoenix, Virginia, North Carolina, Hawaii, or the west side…anywhere is better with you.

Missing your face.

Cornelius I’m so happy to be your nerd and you my goober! May we have many more valentines together. muah :* xoxo

Dude…. Happy 26th Birthday! From Boats and your little/big sister 🙂 Love you little bro 🙂

Do you drool a little when you slumber? Do you laugh a lot when you touch your cucumber? I wanna know. Love, BLAKEY BOY.

Try not to say PAPA VICTOR YANK ME! when you’re getting some on Valentine’s. Or my name. Oh. I’ll be mouthing yours. Crazy! @@ >;-)

Stephen, Thank you for marrying me. You make me happy to be me and make the world better in general. I love you, Wifey.

You are the reason I have a heart to love with, get broken, and wear on my sleeve.. I love you mommy.. <3 Deidra

Cheryl, You have a HUGE heart of gold and your not affraid to use it.. I love that about you..! Happy V-Day <3 Deidra

George thank you for putting up with me all these years.. enough said! Happy Valentines Day! <3 Deidra

George Ryan, my handsome little/big brother may you have lots of love in your life! Happy Valentines Day.. I love you.. <3 Deidra

RO-HOE Your the best friend I could have ever asked for.. We keep our pimp hands strong!! Love you long time… <3 Deidra

silent- hey baby i love u so much! I hope u know how much u mean to me. love u! love-miss pimpin

Desiree you have changed my life in so many ways. Your an amazing mom and wonderful fiance. Forever is ours! I LOVE YOU! Muah

I love your guts Lisa and will forever be buzzing with love…

My Darling SunfloweGirl, I miss you so much. I Loved you yesterday, I Love you today and I will Love you Forever. Your Skinnyman, Lorenzo

Hey T. you can be my Backup singer any day. I miss you and will always love ya! L. xxx

HEY FOOL! Don’t know if you’ll be rocking a skirt tights and boots this Valentine’s, regardless, he’s a VERY lucky man. Have fun SILLY RABBIT!

And even though I don’t need cute to survive……

I think I might need you, even if that means getting bubonic plague from karl.


Len-My Bo Bo-Please b my valentine! You make me happy! I LOVE YOU MORE! Fr. Bren your BeBe

Dear Jonbenet,

It’s such a shame you had to leave us before your time. I’m confident you will be resurrected, scars and all. Love, Lolita

Can’t wait to see you again; Skornado season is coming. I’m ready for the storm. <3

Cupcake: It’s an honor to be your girlfriend. Thank you for being in my life! Love, Apple

Silver Fox,

I love your hairy chest and tiny head. You’re my King and I’m your Prince. Like puzzle peaces we sleep.


Tiffany-My Lena I love you so much! Happy Valentines Day! Mom

Nano-My Banana Head- Happy Valentines Day my son! I love you so much! Love Mom

Amanda, My Jammer-Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you so very much! Love Mom

Tony, My Bubba-Please Be My Valentine! Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you biggest of all! Love Grandma Brenda

Queenie-Happy Valentine’s Day with lots of love and hugs! Enjoy your day! From Princess!

Katrina-My Ghetto Girl. Happy Valentine’s Day with lots of love and hugs! From your friend Ray Ray/Brenda Lou!


I love you still!


Ms Lickins, you’re the hottest puss’n boots around this town. Come sharpen your claws on me anytime.. xxoo Surlee Temple

Suzanna-Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you very much! XXOOXXOO From Dad

You are The Great and I owe you so much. Thank you for being incredible as well.

Dear Cactus Face Moonbelly,

Thanks for being my other. I’m glad we ran away to Albuquerque together to have city adventures.


Sassy Sassafrassy Molassey

I love you my goblin! with all my heart!


I know you still think about all those times around Hawleywood and I still think about all the time I spent in/around Brookelyn


My Karl, my Love. You’ve been my perfect Valentine for 9 years now. You’re my favorite person, so let’s celebrate and go get some sushi!

RosemaryT Thanks for being involved with me since StJohns Canton Albuquerque WashingtonHS Dan Bri Wolf Sunny Canoncito Sandians Del Norte UNM LuellaAnne Oryx love you

OOPS BUDDY. Nevermind all that Valentine’s stuff I said.

Fancy Face, You’re more than my wife, you’re my life!

Take root on my bed-continent. Premium sleeping. Who needs dreams? Because when you know the glass is broken … yer girl, m

Dear Dolphin Shoe, I wish you were here instead of in smelly old Iraq. Come home soon. XOXO- Muffin Butt


MMMM, what you brought that night was yummy and don’t worry I wont tell that you stuffed your mouth to “feel” Your tummy.

To my Narshlarf E.

I love you X ~ + 1.

From your GeckoLemons F.

Mark, As we celebrate the best little gift our relationship has brought us,so far. Just wanted to say I love our beautiful Life! Jenn

Laila, Mommy loves you and Happy Birthday to the best Valentine’s gift ever!!! Mommy

As we journey down this infinitELY road, will you be my friendly Valentine and take my hand & be by my side for a day?

She is the days I can’t get over She is the nights that I call home endlessly For you I’ll always wait. Love that girl.

Hello, my forever lover.Your soft finger tips across my skin,thee swaying like breeze in my heart.You sing me sweet Spanish lullabies.Good day my infinite dream.

I love you, Monkey.


Your Squirrel

Nadine- within you I loose myself – without you I find myself wanting to be lost again! I LOVE YOU! Love Jeff

My Pussycat- you walked by me in that Bauhaus t-shirt 20yrs ago and I knew you were the one for me. Let’s always be together!

Brad, darling, you still make me swoon! Love, your Jen, forever.

I luhhh you Jimmy! <3

Dear Butterfly Girl, thank you for who you are and all you do. I love you with all my heart and soul. Love, Bleu Cheese

Jake: Our hearts are broken. Words cannot adequately express how much we love and miss you. Rest in peace. Mom, Angel, Jaylen and Elijah.

Claudie B, I am blessed to have you in my life. You are my best friend and I love you with all my heart. Liz

Daddy, thank you for always taking such good care of us. We love you. Happy Valentine’s Day. Whisper and Itto One.

Gooogely Bear;

your the smile on my face

your the butterflies that i feel

your the beat of my heart

your my true love


The lottery is for fools.

Let’s keep working for that paycheck.

Make a plan to love me sometime soon.


Professor, Seen you only twice since Flying Star took our favorite cake of the menu. Miss you more than the Maximum Density. Really. Your Eliza.

To The One, wipe that smirk off your face. Think you know everything now, don’t you? Wrong! Happy Valentines Day anyway.

My kung pao chicken, your love and loveliness make me absurdly happy. I’m so glad you’re mine on V day and everyday. -Bruiser

Wayne, you’ve make me the happiest woman in the world. Thank you for giving “us” a second chance. I love you! Yours always Kitty >^..^<

No one makes me as happy as you do. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I love you Ryan(wolverine). Love, Michelle =D

You’re the bestfriend

that I ever had

I’ve been with you such a long time

You’re my sunshine.

Love you Lin Xio, love Xio Lin.

Today I caught myself smiling for no reason… then I realized I was thinking about you. xoxo Ryan B. =p

To Em my beautiful dear wife, thank you for a wonderful year and our son. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love you, S.

Lifetimes ago, love still grows, the present, our new rose. Winds wings,a desert phoenix, Botecelli skin and a mexican. Will you be my valentine?

Isaiah I love to listen to you breathe & I love when you bite me like Im an apple. Your Loved.. Happy V-Day <3 Deidra

I love you my little Debi Cupcake..! I am glad we are still friends after all this time <3 Deidra

i love u with all of my heart nenadoll. as long as we have each other, we cannot fail. always and forever. xoxoxo

My Handsome Ethix i’m so blessed to have you in my life, I Love You with ALL of My Strength & heart, Love Always Orion!!!

Happy Valentines Day My Amazing Man, Never forget its just the two of us ONLY YOU Joseph Love Always Your Baby Grl Rose! Forever Yours!


Let’s be girls together.

Love you forever,


To my one and only love Smerk,

Vida Te Amo with all mi corazon now and forever Chikito. Te mando muchos besos tu amor Lore.

Creeper!!! Ummm take a look at your car hehe.. Any ways sorry about your car, I just had to add a little Valentine touch;)

Prototype, thank you, for everything you’ve given me. Your heart, a shoulder to cry on, hope for the future. Let’s find “home” together.

My Flying Dutchman:

Coattails fly in the wind.

Your cycling wheels spin madly

As my heart goes round and round.

Happy Valentine’s Day,


Vata, vieja, ruca:

It’s been 15 years of animals, kids, drama, hospitals, grandkids, casinos, lattes, drama. Here’s to 15 more. Torts

Danny! gracias por estos 5 meses hermosos a tu lado.te amo mucho,inmenso.te amo porque has cambiado mi vida y has dado rumbo a mi corazon.

Happy 26th Anniversary Twinkle Toes

I Goes Where You Goes

You Goes Where I Goes

We’re Just Two Loving Joes

On Valentines Day.

Love, Jo

Shari so cute

Sky is so handsome

A loving couple so true

guess who is sending

this valentines note to you.

Dear, Spanky

You are everything to me .

Allways and forever .

I love you.

Toot’s & Honey bunnies


I love and appreciate every thing you’ve done for me and continue to do for me. Love your sis, Tina.

My world begins and ends with you, Jenna, Delilah, Andrew, Desiree and Daniel. My loves, Happy Valentine’s Day, Love you, Momma.

I’ll always love you and want you. You have my heart. Mama loves you, Alyssa, Christopher and Adriana. Happy Valentine’s Day (2011)

To my friends and family, I love and miss you. Thanks for all the love sand support. xoxo, Val

To my friends and family, I love and miss you. Thanks for all the love sand support. xoxo, Val

Dear Mom, Dad

Our prayers are strong. God is listening and I know this. Thank you for believing in me. Happy Valentine’s

Love always,


My love,

I’ve been a sad, sometimes bad girl since you’ve been gone and I’m tired of kissing the wind.


Much love for you baby! Happy Valentine’s Day. Thank you for being here for me. Hugs & Kisses, Your #1 girl, Taz

I truly miss you

The days will pass

and the nights will too

Soon I’ll be back together with you


To my one and only great love of my life. Hi BooBoo, it’s Bear. You were, are and will always be the only one.

Frankie, Thinking of you makes me happy. Even in a place like this I just have to think of you and it makes me happy.


As your heart may skip a beat or two, let it be known that it feels the love is still strong. Love, your daughter

You have my heart, even when I didn’t know myself. As you say, I ahve brought a new light for you! I know it’s true!

To my sweet pea

You held my heart, always will, my love is neverending for you. You will always be my best friend, Love, Emily.

You’re a big part of my small world. You’re the light of my life. It is clear to see that I’m empty without you.

Love Note can mean anything just a little something to make one’s heart sing, with joy that with God’s love can only bring.

My love, I just want you to know you’re on my mind and that I love and miss you so much. Always in love, Briana


I’ve loved you since the day I saw you. The Lord put you in my life to mend my heart. Love, Elizabeth

Dear Jason,

I love you so much. I love exploring, learning new stuff and laughing with you. You are the cutest boy ever.



This is a twofer! Happy Birthday/Valentines Day, my love!

To my favorite roomamante! Thanks for everything and possibly most of all, for being such a wonderful person and an inspiration!

Delighter of my cells and key-fit o’ my heart, bless your beautiful rhythm breath, your drumbeat chest. Spark in the darkness, light.


Loving you.


I thank all the stars in this galaxy and all others that we share this life, dreaming awake together.

I love you,


Pokey, 10 yrs and I still love you as if it was the first day. XOXO Koda


I am so proud of you, I appreciate everything that you do. I love you so much. Happy Valentine’s

Always and forever RA

Mi amor, aishiteru yo! Thank you for being the most loving and caring partner I could ever imagine. I love you so much. So much!

Oh the memories, my sweatpants roomamante! I feel so lucky to have you in my life 🙂

Bugh-ah-thah, Bugh-ah-thah, Boogie Boo, Tootie woo I love you; truly I do. And your momma too!

Namaste, Grandma Wascally Wuby.

James, if I should live forever, and all my dreams come true, my memories of love will be of you.


You are the queen of my heart and the love of my life. I look forward to our life-long journey.

I love you,


DS: Don’t know how we happened, but love that we did. Now where’s my Eiffel Tower?!? <3

Puppy seeks Kitten!

Likes: long walks, collars, playing in your cat box.

Dislikes: newspapers,clothing, the word no.

G-I love you. -S

My-Oh-My, I Love My “Pie”! Always Have, Always Will. Sweet Kisses For You Handsome!

Roses are red, violets are blue we are so glad we have YOU! We love you daddy!

Love, Lil los, Andres, Bri and your wife.


i love and am grateful for you;

we disagree much, and who knows what the future holds.

but let’s keep loving each other anyway.

dear lovey,

cheddar is the true gouda.

let’s cheese the funk out of this joint, until it can’t handle this level of rock and roll.

Dear bug of my loves, i’m sorry for everything i’ve ever done or said to you. you’re my best friend. i love you

To my lovecup, I’ll always love you, 600 miles away. I’ll come to you whenever you change your mind. I love you

hello my gravy who is wavy and cravey; from your jello who is yellow and mellow. 😉 what kind of crazy gravy jello tonight?
Alibi Love Notes

Alibi Love Notes

Alibi Love Notes

Alibi Love Notes

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