Alibi Scavenger Hunt List

Steven Robert Allen
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This is the list of people, places and things we sent out to scavenger hunt participants. The numbers in parentheses correspond to the points awarded for photographs of each item. Hunters were required to include their face(s) somewhere in each photo.

Epically huge red arrow sticking out of the ground (10)

The rocket outside the Atomic Museum (10)

A cholla cactus (10)

A prickly pear cactus (10)

An orange barrel (10)

Tricentennial manhole cover (10)

A present wrapped in an
Alibi (10)

Portrait of John Wayne made from nails (15)

An ear of roasted corn (15)

UNM’s flamenco statue, or any statue by the same artist (15)

A petroglyph (20)

The Tingley Beach train (20)

A goathead stuck in your flipflop or bike tire (20)

A dog park (20)

Inside a thrift store with a strange appliance (20)

A ristra (20)

Bosque bike trail (20)

Rapid Ride bus stop (20)

An American flag (20)

A police substation (20, 100 with police officer)

A fire station (20, 100 with firefighter)

Hispanic Cultural Center (20, 100 with docent)

Post office (20, 100 with postal employee)

A Railrunner train (25)

Bart Prince’s UFO house (25)

Ernie Pyle’s house (25)

A lowrider (25)

The Rio Grande from underneath I-40 (25)

A duck (30)

A live cow (30)

A banjo player (30)

City recycling drop-off area (30)

A live chicken (30)

A pit bull (30)

City Hall (with signage) (30)

A New Mexico flag (30)

Climbing a tree (30)

A bailbond office (30)

Someone in a Luche Libre wrestling mask (30)

Someone with a completely smooth noggin (30)

A xeriscaped lawn (30)

A Suntran bus stop (35)

Treespring trailhead (40)

San Felipe de Neri (40)

Neon scotty dog (40)

Fry bread (40)

A local winery (40)

The tram (40)

Copper cowboy (40)

A public pool (40)

The Virgin of Guadalupe carved in the tree in Old Town (40)

The Virgin of Guadalupe, any form (other than the above) (40)

A police officer on a bicycle (40)

A police officer on a Segway (50)

A lowrider bicycle (50)

A motel leftover from Route 66’s glory days (50)

A live goat (50)

A hot air balloon (50)

A local band (in concert) (50)

The Center of the Universe (50)

The outside of a blood bank (50)

Yourself wearing a gasmask from an Army/Navy surplus store (50)

The admissions desk at CNM (50)

The view from the main stage at Civic Plaza (60)

A drag queen (60)

A drag king (60)

Yourself ditch fishing (60)

A praying mantis (60)

A cicada (60)

A tilework mosaic (60)

Inside one of the animal shelters (60)

A live donkey (70)

A performing mariachi band (70)

Checking out a book at a library (75)

Albuquerque from the top of the volcanoes (75)

A paleta salesperson with cart (80)

Someone with dreadlocks (80)

Someone with a mowhawk (80)

Someone doing tai chi or yoga in a public place (80)

Yourself playing an instrument in the tunnel at the Nob Hill Shopping Center (80)

A yard sale (80)

A car with a “for sale” sign (80)

An horno (outdoor mud oven) (100)

An unmarked headstone in a cemetery (100)

A movie set (100)

An art car (100)

A recumbent bicyclist (100)

A roadrunner (120)

Rusty Rutherford (aka Rusta Rhymes) (150)

Caleb Crump (150)

Don Schrader (150)

A rainbow (200)

A break dancer (200)

A swing dancer (200)

A flamenco dancer (200)

Albuquerque-based tattoo (200)

A city councilor (200 each)

A sand castle in a public park (250)

A coyote (250)

The mayor (300)

The governor (400)

A double rainbow (not the ice cream) (500)
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