Alibi Short Film Fiesta Lineup

Narrative Film

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Saturday, Oct. 16 (3, 6, 9 p.m.)

Total run time of program: 101 minutes

“Date 1.0”

Directed by: Ryan Denmark

Length: 13 minutes

In this sci-fi/romance/comedy, two mad scientists engage in a bizarre form of flirting: engaging in a high-tech competition to see who can build the most heartbreaking dating simulation robot.


Directed by Jeff Drew

Length: 7 minutes

This unique blend of live-action and stop motion animation tells the sad tale of a man and his loving relationship with the perfect woman, who just happens to be a 12-inch fashion doll.

“Raven Tales”

Directed by Chris Kientz & Simon Jones

Length: 23 minutes

Stunning 3-D computer animation brings ancient Native American myths to life. In this tale, wily Raven plots to loose sunlight upon the prehistoric world of darkness.

“The Line”

Directed by Coby Dax

Length: 8 minutes

What is behind the gnawing human need to stand in line? Why are we there? What are we even waiting for? This existential brainteaser may just be the answer the age old question, “Where are we going in life?”

“Orange Barrels from the Phobosphere”

Directed by Brandon Scott Jensen

Length: 23 minutes

This cartoon comedy introduces us to a stalwart (but not too smart) hero who just wants to have an easy morning commute. Unfortunately, he's forced to contend with a dreaded invasion of man-eating traffic cones from another dimension!

“Punch Drunk”

Directed by: Rex Thompson

Length: 20 minutes

This surreal comedy finds our suicidal, middle-aged protagonist in a crisis of life and death. After all, how can you commit an act of self-immolation when you can't even find a match?

“Echos from Juniper Canyon”

Directed by: Duane Allen Humeyestewa

Length: 14 minutes

A young boy runs away from his troubled homelife and ends getting some advice from an unlikely source in this earthy family drama.

Alibi Short Film Fiesta Lineup Documentary/Student Film

Sunday, Oct. 17 (3, 6, 9 p.m.)

Total run time of program: 108 minutes

“The Making of Disparities & Deformations: Our Grotesque”

Directed by: Lois Lipman

Length: 18 minutes

This documentary looks at the behind-the-scenes work that went into the making of SITE Santa Fe's Fifth International Biennial Exhibit, a controversial collection of paintings and sculptures in the classic “grotesque” style.

“Light Heavy”

Directed by Moiés González

Length: 13 minutes

Who was the greatest light heavyweight fighter of all time? This reflective portrait offers up Albuquerque resident Bob Foster, who, in the late '60s, challenged greats like Muhammad Ali and Joe Frasier.

“Tony Tomei's Accordion Addition”

Directed by Nick Bongianni

Length: 7 minutes

Why would one man have over 200 accordions? Ask Tony Tomei, a northern New Mexico accordion enthusiast who collects and repairs (and, of course, plays) the much-maligned instrument.

“Surviving the Streets: Growing up in the Mission”

Directed by: Jo Ann Gutierrez Bejar

Length: 15 minutes

What is life like for teens growing up on the streets of big city America? This documentary takes a hard look at drugs, homelessness and pregnancy among today's youth.

“Bus Stop”

Directed by: Brian Gillespie & Armando Martinez

Length: 23 minutes

How much of our lives do we spend waiting for a bus? Obviously the makers of this student film have spent a lot of time standing around and thinking. Part personal reflection/part investigative documentary, “Bus Stop” asks a lot of probing questions about the vlidity of Albuquerque's public transportation system.

Three and a Half Wishes

Directed by: Tamarind King

Length: 2 minutes

This short flash animation by an aspiring teen animator demonstrates the dangers of getting exactly what you wish for.

A Day at the Ditch

Directed by: Marcos Baca & Amanda Vega

Length: 20 minutes

This thoroughly New Mexico parable recounts the legend of La Llorona through the eyes of some troublemaking young boys. A production of Youth Development Inc.

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