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Drawing Down the Future
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Dating back to at least the 18th century, the cultural impact of comic art in the United States is undeniable. Founding father Ben Franklin’s darkly humorous 1754 “Join, or Die” comic is, after all, remembered as the first cartoon published in an American newspaper. The alt-weekly has long offered its readers incisive, strange, deadpan and riotously funny comic strips while providing cartoonists with access to a historically receptive audience.

We are actively scanning the horizon for the next Bill Griffith, Jackie Ormes, Julie Doucet, Dale Messick—well, you get the idea. If you think your artwork might jive with, provoke or otherwise entertain our readers, please submit a comic strip or 12 to as PDF, EPS or JPG files. The submission specs are: CMYK; 300 dpi (400 dpi for line art); sized 4.91 x 2.625 inches or 4.91 x 5.41 inches

Weekly Alibi reserves the right to share your work with our informed, engaged readers by publishing submissions in our print edition, at and on our social media accounts.
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