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Retron 3 Video Game Console, $59.95

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Those who cannot remember video game history are doomed to repeat it. Fortunately for the forgetful, Gamers Anonymous stocks both awesome retro titles like Super Metroid (a 1994 SNES classic just oozing with 16-bit biomechanical style) and new hardware to play them on like the RetroN 3 (a spiffy hardware-emulator console compatible with NES, SNES and Sega Genesis/Mega Drive cartridges). According to Dustin Lynch, manager of the Westside location, GA will be ordering as many units as they can of the new, improved RetroN 5, which adds Game Boy support and HDMI output. Drop date: Dec. 10. All I can say is—Finally, Pokémon Red in high def! (Jerry Cornelius )

Pop! Vinyl Figures, $11.99

Toys don’t have to be remote-controlled or make irritating sounds to be full of win. (Heck, they don’t even have to be for kids.) Pop! vinyl figures transcend the geekery subculture to appeal to just about everyone. Whether your recipient is a fan of Leatherface or My Little Pony, adorably large heads and clever design make these the perfect choice to stuff a stocking or take to the office gift exchange. Most Pop! figures cost just $11.99 at Astro-Zombies. (Lisa Barrow)

Alaska Piper Hula Hoops, $15 To $45

Remember hula hooping? Your body swiveling inside its plastic circumference as your friends watched you perform circus tricks? As an adult, bring back that circular magic in a whole new way. Handmade locally, these hula hoops come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Get it with beads. Or without. Hooping’s renewed popularity is still on the rise, it’s an amazing workout and—perhaps most importantly—it’s undoubtedly fun. (Amelia Olson)

Dr. Who Lenticular Animated Chess Set, $59.99

Dear friends and family of Whovians, has your loved one spent weeks watching and rewatching “Doctor Who” 50th anniversary trailers? Can they play chess? Kaboom Test Labs proffers a Doctor Who chess set with lenticular animation. This rad twist on a gaming favorite features a “good guy” team of the Doctor and his companions and a “bad guy” lineup made up of enemies like the cybermen. Make your Whovian beloved’s Christmas for $59.99. After all, the 11th Doctor dies on Christmas day; it’s the least you can do for those grieving the Who. (Rebecca Gonzales)

Spirograph Deluxe Set, $29.99

Get tactile-mathematical in the most delightful way possible with the Spirograph Deluxe Set. Invented in 1965, the classic geometric drawing tool is now updated with new gears, non-slip putty and sweet ball points in three colors to let kids from 8 to 12 years compose intricate masterpieces. The 45-piece deluxe set runs $29.99 at toy paradise Out of the Blue, or scale back with the regular 15-piece set for just $15.99. (Lisa Barrow)

Build-Your-Own Batmobile Slot Racing Kit, $69.99

Who didn’t want a Batmobile when they were growing up? Now you can purchase a build-your-own model for that special caped crusader in your life. Polar Lights’ Batmobile Complete 1/32 Scale Slot Racing Kit is available at Kaboom Test Labs, which is also home to memorabilia like the collector’s Catwoman Barbie Doll ($54.99) and Domo superhero figurines ($11). For $69.99, this wing-tipped mini replica will cause envy in young and old alike, and it does function on a track. (Rebecca Gonzales)

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