Animal Crackers: Critters

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Animal Crackers: Critters
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The Raccoon Lie There

Happy His Face Dead On Road

Content To Be Gone

–Jenise Borrasso

Still drunk after last

night’s debauchery, the moth

assaults my windshield.

–Rudy Meixell

Spider in my bath-

tub—you know better than to

camp in arroyos!

–Rudy Meixell

Dog barks at nothing

Senses spirits in the air

They travel on by

–Caedmon Holland

Paws crunch through snow’s crust

Nose quivers, testing the wind

Ghost of the tundra

–Julie Hansel

I can eat them all

And they are sweet

But in the wild I would be meat


The hills are alive

with prairie dogs and field mice.

Please don’t catch the plague.

–Jordan Ganz

Road Runners not like

Wiley Coyote cartoons

Sue Acme Products !

–Rochelle Ginsberg

We’re at the dog park!

Sniff butt, sniff butt, growl, run, roll

Pee, scratch… now go home.

–Ray Nance

Laying on the ground,

I spot a lizard, eyes closed.

We sleep, side by side.

–Kim Adonna

Cowgirl Apocalypse Haiku #83

Hummingbird weaves through

lemons and bees, stitching fresh

blooms into nectar.

–Denise Claeys


Bobbing in the wake,

turtle takes a breath and floats.

Cruise ship motors on.

–Denise Claeys

who needs these puppies?

we ALL need fuzzy puppies.

OUCH! They are wolf cubs!

–Chris Chapin

took my dog to vet

"I’m really scared for Panzer"

Leg-Humping Syndrome

–Chris Chapin

Pablo was giant

Brown and jowly- easy love 

Off wandering now

–Mandy Woods

My favorite are

The lion and the tiger

Chocolate of course

–Mark Nolan

The fur on my back

Claws and a satisfied purr

Furniture for cats

–Steve Eckert

Big, crumpled spider

Sad, you float in the toilet.

I just peed on you.

–Gwen Miller

The Three haiku of Thanksgiving

Turkeys strut about,

Their plumage autumn splendid;

I read recipes

Turkeys scratch about,

Raking leaves for seeds and bugs;

I arrange the table

Turkeys gobble, and

peck cracked corn by moonlight;

I sharpen my ax

–David Naquin

howling at the moon

coyote professed his love

again and again

–todd eddy

first one sneeze, then two

the cats and dog turn and look

but no gesundheits

–todd eddy


Running and quick stop

Tilt of the head and wide eye

Large plumes speed past me.

–Kristen Sandoval

Long tail smiles with

Innocent eyes all the while

Evil world spins.

–Persha Jones

I was 20 and

shrooming in Jemez before

I believed in gnomes

–albuquerque turkey

night, wolves howl all night

owls awake til the end of night

what’s up in starry night

–Jose Hiciano

One eye teddy bear

tasty animal cracker

no good in a pool

–Gabe Montoya

Bears, do not scare me.

Wolves, cause no fear. My horror:

Dog SHIT(!)- in the park.

–Larry Elmore

Medicinal voices,

immigrant beauties return

over pond, and reed.

–Richard Wolfson

lions, tigers, bears

Oh Snap! sorry… it’s just rats

and a chinchilla

–Chris Patchett

I went to the zoo,

Saw two fucking kangaroos,

Then wrote a haikoo.

–Kevin WetSpot

Field close by

blocked from view by blocks of houses

Resting honkers’ call.

–Ronald Reed

To whack old dobbin

Sets a lot of people off

Gourmet horse-burgers?

–Peter B. Ives

The cat welfare state

Food, shelter, medical care

We gladly pay it

–Peter B. Ives

My sweet tortoiseshell

beautiful blotchy feline

She owns everything

–Mark E. Lujan

While petting my dog,

I began to wonder if

are our dreams the same?

Where do crickets sleep

at night in the cold, cold rain?

My salamander’s belly

–Matthew Thompson

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