(March 21-April 19) Adventurous, Impulsive, Energetic

Marisa Demarco
2 min read
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The notoriously impatient Aries will appreciate this vintage Nintendo game on her keychain, a perfect waiting-in-line distraction. Chances are she’s also a video game fanatic because of her competitive streak. But if you can’t afford to spend $50-plus on the newest hotness, you won’t go wrong with the much-loved "Donky Kong." A "Zelda" version is also available at this old-school gamer nerd shop.

Skateboard Deck, $32

These gorgeous custom decks were designed by Alex Pinto, a local tattoo artist, so even if your Aries already has a well-worn board, she’ll likely be impressed with this limited-edition specialty deck. Silver Board offers the “Silver 505” in widths 7.5 through 8.5 inches, and it comes with free grip tape.

Mini-V Remote Controlled Boat, $79.99

A quiet afternoon of fishing at Tingley Beach probably isn’t your Aries’ speed, but an RC speedboat should liven things up. This 14-inch vessel is durable, it’s quick and all parts are easily replaced should something go wrong. And you don’t get much more affordable in the top-notch remote-controlled toy arena.

F11 Heart Rate Monitor, $169.95

This top-of-the-line heart rate monitor is the latest and greatest. It has enough features to satiate a high-energy Aries looking to set a fitness goal and reach it. The F11 will not only monitor his heart rate and calories burned during exercise, it’ll allow him to view info about his fitness sessions and keep track of that data in the long-term.

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