Art Preview: Somos

Installations, Activations And The Mother Of Jellies

Clarke Conde
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The Art at SOMOS
Kharli Brockmeier: The Mother of Jellies. (Clarke Condé)
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SOMOS is primarily a music festival, but swimming through the crowd this year in pulsing, color-changing LED fashion will be eight mermaids holding eight jellyfish made from umbrellas and festooned with shedding, colorful boas. One larger jellyfish totem will mark the location within SOMOS of the jellyfish crew of mermaids as they encourage attendees to interact with the jellyfish, take pictures and keep the party going. Not that you could possably miss them.

The mother of the
Mother of Jellies is Kharli Brockmeier, a painter and personal trainer who created the jellyfish initially to act as a totem for music festivals. Last year was her first year with the creature creations at SOMOS, but this year she promises the jellies will be better than ever. Brockmeier says that attendees can also expect “flow artists” among the jelly crew to keep the dancing going throughout the night.

SOMOS also boasts a variety of installations and “activations” unique to the festival environment. Of partiqual note is the installation work of Albuquerque artist Andrew Fearnside and the poetry space created by the prolific group Burque Revolt. As SOMOS grows, so grows the breadth of artistic work.

Large Scale Art Installations at SOMOS

NM Laundry by Mark & Elisabeth Horst

Doorway by Billy Joe Miller & Mitch Berg

Indigenous Futurist by Pueblo Revolt Collective

Electric Desert by Andrew Fearnside

Creation Station by James R Black Collective

Island Trees by Odd City Collective

Light Bright by Art N Seek Collective

Light Pavillion by Owen Schwab

Cuckoo Beest by Kin Collective

Synesthetic Staircase by Rayes Padilla

Deep Rooted by Natalie Voelker

Mother of Jellies by Kharli Brockmeier

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