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A Look At Some Of 7000 Bc’s Illustrated Offerings

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Death, Cold as Steel: A Tale of the S.Q.R.L.

By Bram Meehan and Jamie Chase

Recently repackaged as a trade-paperback, this three-issue spin-off of Meehan’s
Raised By Squirrels series probes into the post-WWII history of the Special Qualities Research Laboratory, a government group dedicated to breeding super-powered agents.



By Jeff Benham, Bob Benziker, Laura Benziker, Jamie Chase, Tyrrell Cummings, Dale Deforest, Jett Boy, Enrique Martinez, Sam McBride, Monica Meehan and ShRiek

This is the first anthology book published under the 7000 BC banner. It features 11 short ruminations on love and lust from a variety of New Mexico writers and artists.


Fakin’ the Funk

By Peter and Paul Ziomek

Keenan’s a little kid with b-boy skills, hip-hop dreams and an overactive imagination. He’s also gotten himself in some trouble with the jocks at Falcon Elementary School in this all-ages comic.


Midnight Baker

By Damien Sutton

A frustrated baker goes slowly, violently mad while working in a “cursed’ doughnut shop in this offbeat horror tale.



y Jamie Chase

Reminiscent of European comics from the ’60s, this stylish fantasy adventure introduces us to Jamil, a wandering warrior trying to bring down a bloody-handed wizard.



By Tyrrell Cummings

A moody look at lost love, this one-shot comic follows a broken-hearted musician and his band through an unhappy tour stop in Albuquerque.

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