Back To School Guide: Intro

Ty Bannerman
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Our Back to School Guide
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Welcome to college, young ones. Welcome to Albuquerque, for some of you. Welcome to New Mexico, for others. Welcome, welcome, welcome.

Go buy your books, and learn how to find the library and all that nonsense. Scope out your roommate, and find your way to the meal hall. Learn how the city buses work. Your needs in those areas will no doubt be adequately met by student orientation.

But we here at the
Weekly Alibi are looking out for you in another aspect. We want you to be cool. We want you to be the kind of people we want to hang out with, and so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to educate you in how to become a part of the Albuquerque that we love.

Over the next few pages, you’ll find information on how to become a hipster, like we are; on how to find the live music and poetry readings of your heart’s desires, like we do; on how to tap into Albuquerque’s underground publishing scene and even how to revel in the childlike joy of the new breed of ice cream man. In other words, we want you to join us in our experience of this town that we love so much.

Don’t be one of those lame-os who can’t wait to get out of this place. Be one of us. Participate in your city. And learn.
Our Back to School Guide

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