Basho In The Hizzouse: Traditional

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Basho in the Hizzouse: Traditional
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Haiku submits self

Writing and reading in loop

Program never halts


White sage, grass, hills.

The Rio Peñasco is

a valley of ghosts.


The sun is a

jealous lover. Ask the shadow

cast far from her arms.

Winter shivers into

a morning’s stifled yawn. Breath

appears and then is gone

I Ching cherries fall.

Find order in the leaves.

Winter is almost here.

The thorn in your eye

exists to remind you of

the way hearts flower.

Chaos painted upon

the ground. Autumn leaves

break in fractal waves.

Flowers bloom, then die

in sudden downpours. Birth

is followed by endings.

–Zachary Kluckman

the nape of my neck

attention AY ES AY PE

lick bite suck me plee


Cherry blossoms like

Tears on mass graves of the found

Watch the sea, and pray

–Julie Hansel

I eat pancakes for

breakfast every fuckin’

morning. Power fuel.

–Clyde Drexler

I took out all my

teeth, except 8 of ’em, just

to look like a kid.

–Hakeem Olajuwon

Water drips


Sparkly snow melts

–Zia Gardner

These hot tears burn when

I foresee the endless plain

of life without you.

–Laura Weisberg

Sky-buried horse flies

Dark-winged across sky pleated

With bone-white cloud ribs.

–Laura Weisberg

Is this class done yet?

Oh my God, it is so long.

Like Charlie Brown wah wah wah.

–Arvin Bhullar

Gertrude Girls

Gracing the freeway, Smiling yet saddened

By their boss loss

–Jeannette Alderete

Ice cream or brownie

Speck of dust in universe

Why not both today

–Clara Rempe

The fourth of July

honors the good tradition

of blowing shit up.

–Jordan Ganz

Crescent harvest moon

Sailors death ring – low in sky

Smiling Cheshire cat.

–D Robb

Damn it all to hell

That’s my alibi and I

Am sticking to it.

–Dennis L. Gray

Ever go Bowl drunk

Throw your balls in the gutter

Bar has karaoke.

–Dennis L. Gray

Glass beyond limits.

A thousand splintering chards.

Squash roasting gone bad.


Autumn days transform

Not only leaves, but my soul

I am free to fly

–Leesa McVay

dripping with laughter

i want to be as dry as

his sense of humor

–Kevyn Tompkins de Garcia

Cloudy moments bite

At my spirit tearing at

The will in my shell

–Franklin Jones

Unable to sleep

I watch the full summer moon;

crickets sing sad songs.

–Chris Guider

Who could forget the

House with the Quagmire? House

My mother showed me.

–Laura Weisberg

Soft lonely woodland

Crisp snow fallen –but- the sound

Deafens all but me

–Graham Gentz

Hot summer night – thorn

Apple blossoms opening

Only to the moon.

–Richard M. Fye

Spring Runoff

Cold, unrelenting

torrent turns grit into mud-

stones knock together.

–Denise Claeys

Cowgirl Apocalypse Haiku #83

Hummingbird weaves through

lemons and bees, stitching fresh

blooms into nectar.

–Denise Claeys

Beautiful lady

Once loving and kind now cold

Wife watching judging

Not a fairy tale,

the truth. With you I am

finally real.

–Vanessa Abbott

If only life was

a game of musical chairs

up,loud,and dancing.

–franchesca montoya

Oblique metaphors are

Basho’s mind games that tease

Notions of reality.

–Alaine Daly

Hey stay connected

Read your Alibi today

And plan tomorrow

–tara thomas

Benign horseshoe crab

primitive dweller of depths

we hail the humble!

–Chris Chapin

fall leaf withering

detachment, path to the ground

erratic freefall

–Chris Chapin


On a curvy wall glowing

Telling the season

–Mark Nolan

Our privacy wall

the space filled with native trees

now a bird refuge

–Mark Nolan

Your forbidden words –

silent leaves falling still I

explore and adore

–Allan Sauter

City life vivid

Cries out for help with sadness

It stays forever

–Kaylene Concho

The Butterfly rests

it has finished the circle

The end of its life.

–Lacie McCrory

why hurt the ones you

love, when you can hurt ones you

hate, love ones you have

–Cassandra Encinias

fast car s.t.i.

sixth gear to reach 150

spool the turbo up

–Antonio Cabrera

looking for beauty

sees it hanging over him

the forbidden fruit

–Jacob Sanchez

Today’s a good day

we all just sit around and play

then talk and walk away

–Jasmine Salazar

I love johnny depp

johnny depp is awesome

johnny depp is great

–Monique Cadena

third base player

i hit a home run one time

my girlfriend liked it

–David Montes

apples on the ground

soft thumps forecast the season

deer feast quietly

–Sherry Brockett

birdsong fills morning

until foreboding silence

hawk circles above

–Sherry Brockett

all day birds visit

birdbath for quick splash & drink

cat crouches close by

–Sherry Brockett

My heart bleeds

like a petal being pulled

from a lonely flower.

–Aaron Lollis

cupcakes cupcakes mmm

eat’um up like lolly pops

they are like the moon

–terri simmons


It’s one thing to be;

an asshole, A whole other

Not to know, Asshole

–Ms. R

In conversation

You touched my hand lightly—

Cherry blossom rain

–David Naquin

pink cherry blossoms

the bees collect their nectar—

sweet cakes for my love

–David Naquin

On Enlightenment

He fishes deep pools,

With careful steps on slick rocks —

A splash! And he’s gone.

–David Naquin

one can see their breath

rolling silently like fog

into the morning

–todd eddy

with one swift motion

the sharpened axe splits the air

and then splits the wood

–todd eddy

against a blue sky

long tail trailing in the breeze

flies a child’s red kite

–todd eddy

smoke rises slowly

we seek purification

with cedar and sage

–todd eddy

one cold, grey morning

a blizzard of emotions

love lost in winter

–todd eddy

biting winter wind

flannel shirt keeps nothin’ out

got no one to call

–todd eddy


The leaves fall around us,

this is their way declaring love.

This is the trees way.


rain, falling light on

the roof, heavy in my heart

think i’ll stay inside.

–albuquerque turkey

God watches over

drunks and fools; it’s good to be

a double winner.

–albuquerque turkey

As the wind breezes

Across the world. I see the

summer flowers depart

–Lancinito Clitso

Life unspools quickly

A bobbin pawed by the cat

Now it is winter

–Bill Diven

From frost-withered vine-


last morning glory

–Larry Elmore

My past, as dry as

planets without warmth of sun,

or me, without you

–Richard Wolfson


Snow day. Fresh coffee.

Olfactory poetry.

Under covers, dog.

–Rogi Riverstone

Sliding through shadows

Wilting in the light of day

I beg you please don’t go

–Riley Soper

Sliding through shadows

Wilting in the light of day

I beg you, don’t go.

–Riley Soper

The joy of the dark


Embrace the twisted darkness

–Riley Soper

The moon sneezes,the

villagers flee in terror,

typhoon is singing.

–Richard Wolfson

My ship is sinking,

I feel myself falling down

Words like glub gurg blurg

–Kolya Venturi

Emma Bovary, c’est moi!

madame bovary

checked my expiration date

and smiled knowingly

–emily parker

a looking glass self

denied me my repentance

but spared me my soul

–emily parker

woman is a ship

either built in a bottle

or put out to sea

–emily parker

lay me out gently

i want them to see my life

not my cause of death

–emily parker

Never wrote haiku

But I assume it’s like an


–Dusty McGowan

I cried a river

Then drowned in my tears

Now I am a fish

–Esperanza Gonzales

Wildflower fields

hung colorful heads downward

under raindrops’ weight

Startingly vibrant

yet varied hues of green sway

twinkling with the wind

Rocky trails take us

hiking together until

the moon guides our way.

Eagles wait lakeside

then dip, talons first, grabbing

unsuspecting fish

White pillow clouds hang

between alpine mountain peaks

under clear blue sky

Reserviour water

ripples at rocky edges

thick with algae bloom

–Jessica Mills

I swam in my tears

dived in the dirty rivers

we drink from his cup

Like a willow tree

crying our love and emotion

eyes wet in twister

–Rosie Samudio

Waxing moon rises,

crescent shaped like a sickle,

over the mountains.

–Ben John

Consciousness transmutes

Cocooning caterpillars

into butterflies

–Chris Patchett

Beware the hidden

Hand of Benevolence, which

Ties a crooked noose.

–Kevin WetSpot

Bare trees’ mouths scatter the ground:

Leafy camouflage fallen,

dead, abandoned nests.

–Ronald Reed

Nearly everything

Is more interesting when viewed


–Kevin WetSpot

Past autumn glory

Before winter’s chilly wind

A fallow beauty

–Peter B. Ives

The badlands are good

Their uninviting landscape

Saving the terrain

–Peter B. Ives

I hate when people

Say "No Biggie" because it

Reminds me he’s gone.

–Kevin WetSpot

Painfully cold wind

My knuckles blister in it

Please let me back in

–William Bolt

Be at peace, sit still

Seven holy directions

Still, flying through space

We were little kids

full of hope and innocence

What happened to us?

–Matthew Thompson

Between life and death

the only guarantee is

Life begins and ends

–Jamal Molina

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