Best Albuquerque Haiku

Steven Robert Allen
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Albuquerque has a reputation for being a gritty, down and dirty sort of town — just the sort of town, in other words, to inspire delectable haiku. Rhoda Kunin tells us that, to be fully appreciated, her winning haiku must be recited in the accent of a Transylvanian vampire. She wins a $40 certificate to Ralli’s and two passes to the Guild Cinema.

Will give you malaria
So bewaria!
— Rhoda Kunin

Honorable Mentions
Lush green bushes and
White flowers grow in front of
The adult bookstore
— Billy Crews

Pandas for the zoo,
Soaring Balloon Museum:
Ling-Ling and Bling-Bling.
— John L. Orman

Our third world country
Wrapped up in dust and dry heat
Loved out of pity
— Kyra Gurney (Albuquerque High student)

Albuquerque has
Copious amounts of drugs,
Crazy kids, vowels.
— Kyra Gurney (Albuquerque High student)

Saint Goat-Head christens
Your holey bicycle tires,
The soles of your shoes.
— Anastasia Andersen

Albuquerque rain
Makes meteorologists
Jump puddles with joy.
— Margaux Luna

Really I’m smiling.
I just don’t have any teeth.
Lost them cage fighting.
— Jeff Kunin and Rhoda Kunin

I sue drunk drivers.
So? I buy ugly houses!
Well I clear acne!!
— Jeff Kunin

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