Best Miscellaneous Haiku

Steven Robert Allen
2 min read
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Ah, miscellaneous. You win us over with your worldliness. You seduce us with your sophistication. You charm us with your wit. Gail Miller won this category, too. (That’s got to be some kind of Alibi Haiku Contest record.) For that, she gets a $40 certificate to Ralli’s and two passes to the Guild Cinema.

Oscar Wilde’s gravestone
Is frescoed in red lip prints,
Not flowers, but breath.
— Gail Miller

Honorable Mentions
Damn thee, vile haiku:
Syllabic ineptitude,
Poetry’s cheap whore.
— Jamie Larkin

This haiku knows it’s
A haiku. It wants schnitzel.
It hates being so short.
— Malcolm Murray

If a cat laughed jazz
In a 3 a.m. gin joint,
Would anyone hear?
— Todd Eddy

Butter flies downward
Off the knife towards the floor
Avoiding the toast
— Doug McKinnon

Bum steps in my path
He tries to sell me a watch
Given up on time
— Shelby Anderson

10 sunflower seeds.
100 hungry sparrows.
I don’t want to watch.
— Wanda Jerome

Drunken vagabond
Way overdue for a bath
Pays fare in pennies.
— Brian K. Hansen

I know two poems,
One is “the road not taken,”
The other isn’t.
— Tony Santiago

The first insect bike
Race, my kitchen’s Tour de Ants
Leading … Ants Armstrong
— Jarrett Stotts (sixth grader, Sandia Prep)

Introducing spoons!
No more messes or ouchies,
Old guys can use them!
— Travis Shepherd (sixth grader, Sandia Prep)

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