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The Best of Albuquerque, 2010
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Welcome to Best of Burque, the Alibi’s user-generated guide to Albuquerque! If you’re an old hand at this issue, you’ve probably already skipped ahead to Best Pet Store, or Best Art Gallery, or Best Anything We Forgot (which is magnificent this year). But if you’re new to BoB, please allow us to make a formal introduction.

For 15 years, we’ve asked our readers to tell us what makes this city tick. Culture, entertainment, shopping and politics are just a few of the topics on the BoB ballot, posted online at during the voting window each spring. The results—what you’re holding in your hands right now—are the final tally. And this year, readers responded in record numbers: Just shy of 45,000 votes poured in for BoB’s sweet 16
th issue. So when you see a Best of Burque winner, know there was a mountain of votes that had to be scaled to get there. Winning this is quite a feat.

Thanks for voting, and thanks for reading. Without further ado, here’s BoB.

Results reported by Erin Adair-Hodges, Jessica Cassyle Carr, Marisa Demarco, Laura Marrich and Devin D. O’Leary.

The Best of Albuquerque, 2010

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