Best Of Burque 2013: Goods And Services

Best Bookstore

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Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center
Best Adult ShopSelf Serve Sexuality Resource Center (Eric Williams
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Attention bibliophiles! That word-driven itch that drives your minds into a perpetual phonics frenzy can be assuaged by a trip to Page One, the city’s number one bookstore. Who knows? They might have a first edition Mark Twain?

2) Bookworks

3) Bird Song Used Books

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Comic Book Store

Comic book nerds unite! Ahem, they’re called “Graphic Novels.”

2) Kaboom Test Labs

3) Twin Suns

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Men’s Apparel

Downtown Albuquerque’s newest style stop puts the emphasis on modern style, offering suits, blazers and dress shirts with simple lines, straight cuts and timeless looks. Dressed To Kill can kit you out in everything from classic, charcoal grey three-pieces to trendy casual wear imported from Italy, New Zealand and points in between. See how good you look in a tie, Albuquerque?

2) Izzy Martin

3) Toad Road

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Women’s Apparel

In a consumer nod that places vintage glamour ahead of contemporary style, 66 Pin-Ups is this year’s top vote-getter in the category of Women’s Apparel, followed by outlet Free Radicals and upscale boutique Elsa Ross.

2) Free Radicals

3) Elsa Ross

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Vintage Apparel

Apparently, leg warmers made a comeback a couple of years ago, having since vanished, only to be seen in contemporary dance classes. But, I’m sure you can still snag a few pairs at Buffalo Exchange, seeing as how they’re the city’s prime spot for vintage apparel.

2) Off Broadway Vintage Clothing and Costumes

3) Revolver Vintage

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Shoe Store

Star Tattoo Best Tattoo ShopStar Tattoo Eric Williams
You like a bargain, Alibi readers. But you also like a big selection. So when you want some sneakers, dress shoes or party pumps, you head to the 17,000-square foot “Family Shoe Warehouse” to browse between 30,000 and 40,000 pairs of toe-toppers. It’s enough to make a foot fetishist faint.

2) Terra Firma

3) Schushop

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Thrift Store

Six used shirts for the price of a brand new one? Count me in. Always one to live that perpetually sweet motto of “if it’s free, it’s me,” thrift stores hold a dear spot, and Thrift Town is no different.

2) Savers

3) Buffalo Exchange

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Toy Store

This perennial category winner bills itself as a “full service educational toy store.” But don’t worry. It doesn’t look educational. With its extensive selection of kites, arts and crafts, construction vehicles, race cars, building toys, magic sets, rockets, musical instruments, puzzles and puppets, it just looks like fun.

2) Astro Zombies

3) Kaboom Test Labs

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Antiques Store

Super-neato stuff and an elegant but non-condescending atmosphere make Morningside this category’s overwhelming winner year after year.

2) Sole Art & Antiques

3) Retro Revolution

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Furniture Store

Next time you’re in a furniture store, pretend it’s someone’s house. Dude, this guy has a lot of furniture in his house.

2) The A Store and Tema (tied)

3) Retro Revolution

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Bicycle Shop

Boasting a new and used bike selection, an accomplished service department and a sweet, furry dog that greets customers at the door, Two Wheel Drive garners the coveted first place honors in this category.

2) Fixed and Free

3) Fat Tire Cycles

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Skate Shop

With a packed-to-the-gills and handsomely-staffed location near the famous Indian School ditch, it’s no wonder Beach Zone was voted best skate shop by our readers.

2) Skate City

3) Haven

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Smoke Shop

One of the retail categories that seems least hard-hit by the Great Recession is the head shop. They’re not as charmingly weird as in days of yore, but they’re still popping up all over Burque. Discerning smokers nab their incense and water pipes from Gas Pipe.

2) Oasis Smoke Shop

3) Monte’s Cigar Shop

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Music Equipment Store

The best part about musical instrument stores is all the great music you get to hear for free. Because of that guy. Sitting in the corner. Playing that guitar. Forever.

2) Music Go Round

3) Lesmen’s Music

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Cd/Record Store

In an age where iPods have replaced a physical interpretation of music, it’s nice to know that individuals still frequent record stores, and Charley’s is a nice place to pick up a new album or dig into the dollar bins for a good find.

2) Nob Hill Music

3) Mecca Music & Books

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Plant Nursery

When you need a new ficus to replace the one your crazy boyfriend chopped down, you won’t have to drive far, and the challenges of gardening in Burque only seem to add to the fun.

2) Rehm’s

3) Jericho

Best Of Burque 2013: Best New Age Shop

Seasoned Wiccans and Tarot enthusiasts trust Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium for all their ritual needs. From the old ways to the new age, Blue Eagle’s selection of iconic statues, amulets and crystals puts it at the top of the alt.spirituality heap.

2) Abitha’s Herbary

3) Crystal Dove Healing Institute

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Pet Shop

With the most attentive and knowledgeable staff of any pet store anywhere on the planet, Clark’s has been Burque’s number one source for pets and pet supplies since the dawn of time.

2) Long Leash On Life

3) Animal Humane

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Adult Shop

Hot-and-bothered consumers of all sexes, genders and orientations hit up Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center for their sensual shopping needs. Self Serve’s friendly and knowledgeable staff and calendar of classes make it the erotic supply shop of choice.

2) Castle Megastore

3) Seductions

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Flower Shop

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, unless the name of the rose is, “We ain’t got no roses today.”

2) The Flower Shop at Nob Hill

3) Savon Florists

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Gym

Is it the array of new locations? The affordable memberships? The fact that you can get a haircut there before or after (but not during) a workout? Planet Fitness unseats Defined Fitness as the best place to keep your New Year’s resolutions.

2) Defined Fitness

3) eVOLV Fitness

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Martial Arts School

Hi-yah! I want to learn the Vulcan neck pinch. Apparently it’s not a real thing, though. Oh, well. I’ll just have to kick you in the balls.

2) Blackman Taekwondo

3) Chavez Martial Arts Academy

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Yoga Or Pilates Studio

Veteran yogis, asana newbies and pilates addicts prefer getting their downward dog and mat work on at eVOLV Fitness Center of New Mexico. Both pranayama practitioners and lithe pilates lovers also gave high marks to Cloud9 Divine Hot Yoga and Bhava.

2) Cloud9 Divine

3) Bhava Yoga Studio

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Massage Therapist

The votes in the Massage Therapist category read like a phone book, there were so many of them. I need an eyeball massage.

2) Joanna Trujillo

3) Tavia Schwartz

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Computer Help

There’s one thing I’m curious about: What happens when I double click on a hyperlink? Perhaps these people can help me.

2) Computer Corner

3) MetaLogic

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Auto Repair Shop

Auto repair shops are places cars go to get fixed. They are different than gas stations, though similar in some ways. Crazy!

2) All In The Wrist

3) Donald Brown Parts & Automotive

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Pest Control

When bed bugs or termites invade your casa, choosing a skillful exterminator takes on a whole new level of importance. Burque’s insect-eschewing inhabitants trust Preventive Pest Control for their pesticide needs. Unlike Breaking Bad’s fictional Vamos Pests, your home is in good hands with Preventive.

2) Bugman Pest Control

3) Busy Bee Pest Control and ABC Pest Management Services (tied)

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Psychic

In this instance the Best Psychic is the person who has the most consistently reliable psychic powers, rather than the psychic who is least likely to use his or her powers for evil.

2) Melissa Frei

3) Mendy Lou

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Veterinary Clinic

Veterinarians are like doctors, but the patients they treat are animals instead of humans. It’s a good thing to remember.

2) VCA

3) Rio Grande Animal Hospital

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Laundromat

It would be awesome if that guy from the guitar store would come play his guitar in the laundromat. Not really. It wouldn’t be awesome. Maybe he could just quietly play with a washing machine.

2) Wash Tub Laundromat

3) University Laundromat

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Tattoo Shop

Whether they’re baby boomers or millenials, more ink-loving residents flock to Star Tattoo for their body art. Plenty of folks get their Zia or Virgen de Guadalape tats at Tinta Cantina and Stay Gold, too.

2) Tinta Cantina

3) Stay Gold

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Tattoo Artist

How many successful tattoo artists used to draw on their pants in grade school? Pretty much all of them.

2) Chris Partain

3) Boy D’boy

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Hair Salon

Ladies, you’re never going to look exactly like Dorothy Hamill, but you can come pretty darn close if you just choose the right hair stylist and take skating lessons. Work on that skating!

2) Mark Pardo

3) Laru Ni Hati

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Barber Shop

“Without conversation,” is how my father would always tell the barber to cut his hair. That’s not right! They have stories to tell!

2) Classic Barber Shop

3) The Barber’s Shop

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Nail Salon

Though it’s apparently quite painful, a good nail salon can fix your ingrown toenails. Many high-end salons will also offer to paint little dinosaurs on your nails. That’s what I call luxury.

2) Saigon

3) New York Nails and Nini’s (tied)
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