Best Of Burque 2013: Local Flavor

Best Grower’s Market

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Golden Crown Panaderia
Best BakeryGolden Crown Panaderia (Sergio Salvador
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When you set out on a path to create a human face made entirely of fruits and vegetables, you need the freshest produce possible. You also need a hot glue gun and a good psychiatrist.

2) Corrales Growers Market

3) Los Ranchos Growers Market

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Butcher/Meat Counter

When you’re in the butcher shop, keep in mind that a harmless game of hide-the-sausage actually fulfills the statutory elements of shoplifting.

2) Nelson’s Meats

3) Pro’s Ranch Market

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Locally Produced Condiment

Why is it no surprise that our top condiments have chile in them? Because everything here has chile in it. Everything.

2) El Pinto Salsa

3) Heidi’s Red Chile Jam

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Bakery

Who doesn’t love a sweet snack to remind us of the comfort and joy of living? Whether it be a cookie, a cake, a pie or any other delectable treat under the sun, Golden Crown Panaderia is the place to indulge and enjoy man’s greatest accomplishment: New Mexico green chile bread.

2) Rebel Donut

3) Swiss Alps Bakery

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Specialty Grocery Store

When you have a craving for eels, nothing will do but eels. We’re fortunate to live in a town where such cravings can be satisfied.

2) Trader Joe’s

3) La Montanita Co-op

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Everyday Grocery Store

Near the student ghetto around UNM, there’s a grocery store that’s become known as "ghetto Smith’s." Love it or hate it, this city has determined that when it comes to getting grub, the top two slots are predictable chains. But what if those two didn’t exist? As lefty-yuppie scum down here at the Alibi, we hope to see the top two slots get taken down someday by the other two—but who knows? Maybe our readers just like corporate chain stores better.

2) Albertson’s

3) Sprouts

4) La Montanita Co-op

Best Of Burque 2013: Best Liquor Store

One of the great things about this city is its love of beverages. For instance, take the fact that you can buy liquor at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven, etc. But, it’s always the local liquor stores, like Kelly Liquors, that paint some good color on a city of enchantment.

2) Jubilation Wine & Spirits

3) Quarters Discount Liquors

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