Best Of Burque 2014

Wherein You Told Us What’s What

Carl Petersen
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Best of Burque 2014
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It’s hard remembering a time when there wasn’t a Best of Burque—it’s been around longer than lots of its voters, now. It was the first and remains the best “Best of” of Burque, even amid an ever-growing host of distracting start-ups and simulacra, vying for imaginary market share and kissing rump roasts harder than dignity abides.

Here’s the secret, though. Our readers deserve to believe in something, so we count their votes. It’s a lot of work, honestly, and the results don’t always make everyone happy. But somebody’s got to play it straight or else it’s all just advertising. We don’t release results early for that same reason; you won’t see any “thank you” ads. We don’t mix business with editorial. We write our paper to be read. Yes, it’s boring to hear me talk about it, but you should think about the distinction, and you should pause before putting something else all the way into your eyeballs. Here’s how you voted.

Author key: Samantha Anne Carrillo (SAC), Mark Lopez (ML), August March (AM), Carl Petersen (CP), Geoffrey Plant (GP) and Holly von Winckel (HVW)
Best of Burque 2014

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