Best Of Burque 2017: Open Air Abode

Best Place To Hike

Joshua Lee
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The Sandias really are the most beautiful spot in town. And from their woodsy base to their craggy peaks, the mountains are striped with some of the most aesthetically pleasing trails in America. Many of them are easy and offer incredible high-altitude views for little effort, while some trails can challenge even advanced hikers. All levels of hikers are welcome.

2) La Luz Trail

3) Sandia Foothills

Best Of Burque 2017 Best Bike Trail

No contest here, folks. Nobody wants to ride on the street, listening to car horns and breathing brake dust. Gross. The only real place you can enjoy a ride in this damn town is the Paseo del Bosque trail: 16 miles of uninterrupted cycling pleasure through an entirely natural setting smack dab in the middle of ABQ. Not bad.

Best Of Burque 2017 Best Place To People Watch

The Frontier Restaurant literally only closes for four hours a night, which means it’s the only place to really get a good eyeful, regardless of time. Their diverse menu also attracts all kinds of people—meaning a steady stream of a various weirdos will practically put on a parade for you while you enjoy French fries and the comforts of a booth. Now that’s good people-watching.

2) UNM

3) Nob Hill

Best Of Burque 2017 Best Outdoor Space

Okay. This one seemed a bit too easy. Technically, anything without a roof is an “outdoor space,” but no one’s getting in tune with nature down at the Civic Plaza. We are incredibly lucky to have an honest-to-goodness natural setting right in the middle of town. Not many urban centers have something like that. People around here seem to forget.

Best Of Burque 2017 Best Parking Lot To Lose All Faith In Humanity

It’s true. If you ever want to look deep into the abyss of human depravity, just lean up against a cart corral at Walmart and look around you for about five minutes. You’ll see fist-fighting tweekers, misanthropic parking space despots and breast-feeding adolescents (true story). But they sell cheap toilet paper so we just keep going back. What is wrong with us?

2) Trader Joe’s (Uptown)

3) UNM Parking Structure

Best Of Burque 2017 Best Golf Course

We had no idea what a hot topic this was. If we had known that merely asking who had the best golf course would somehow start the bloodiest, most epic street gang fight ever, we would have talked about baseball fields instead. Sheesh! Our golfers are serious around these parts. In any case, when the smoke finally cleared and the sounds of clashing irons finally died down, Sandia Resort & Casino just stood there, breathing loudly and shaking.

2) Arroyo del Oso

Best Of Burque 2017 Best Road To Confuse Out-Of-Towners

We haven’t actually seen Central in months. Mostly, it’s just been cones and tape and dust. We’re not completely sure why you would choose it as the most “confusing” road, though. It seems pretty easy: Squeeze onto Central between two angry motorists who don’t want you there in the first place, and then wait for 45 minutes to get to the next light. Simple!

2) Indian School

3) Monte Vista
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