Best Of Burque 2017: Sprog Square

Best Place To Take Kids

Peter Karlsen
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It would be hard to argue that ABQ BioPark isn’t the best place to take kids. Lots of cool animals to learn about. Lots of walking around to wear the kiddos out. A water-feature thing to splash around on and cool you down on those long, hot days during summer break. Plus there’s a friggin’ train that takes you from a zoo to an aquarium.

2) ¡Explora!

Best Of Burque 2017 Best Museum To Take The Kids

Remember the good old days when things like "facts" and "science" were an important part of government policy and personal decision-making? Well, relive that strange and wonderful time while instilling in your progeny the virtues of unbiased observation and methodological reasoning by taking your kids to the museum voted the best for them. Also, it’s totally fun.

2) New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science

Best Of Burque 2017 Best Toy Store

Out of the Blue continues its "Best Toy Store" winning streak for the third consecutive year. The result comes as no surprise since you can pick up awesome things like a Japanese tin wind-up robot, and edu-taining things like a "Bodies are Gross" science kit.

2) Toys R Us

Best Of Burque 2017 Best Youth Program

Cardboard Playhouse Theatre Company is a children’s theater company focused on fostering self-confidence, self-expression and creativity through improv and by getting kids up on stage. Having opened in 2004 and with more than 52 productions under their belts, they sound pretty best-y, indeed. If you’re looking to get your child involved in something new, they offer camps and post auditions on their website.
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