Best Of Burque 2018: Cannabis

Best Medical Cannabis Dispensary

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High Desert stepped their game up this year by moving to a new, swanky location. They’ve also seemed to improve on their flower game in that time—selling some of the stickiest and prettiest buds you’ll see this side of the Rio Grande. Meanwhile: Their low prices and great customer service haven’t changed at all (thank goodness). The wonderful people at this dispensary know that a patient’s health needs come first. Customer satisfaction must come in at a close second, because they’ll bend over backward to accommodate their clients.

2) Urban Wellness

3) R.Greenleaf Organics

Best Of Burque 2018 Best Cbd Shop

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the wonder child of the cannabinoid family (the chemicals in cannabis that cause physiological and psychoactive effects). CBD is known to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, stimulate appetite, relieve anxiety, reduce seizures and have a whole slew of positive health benefits, besides. If you aren’t comfortable getting your CBD from smoking cannabis, a trip to the CBD Boutique will offer you a ton of alternatives. From CBD-infused edible treats and drinks to extracts and vape pen cartridges (and doggy bones, too)—the Boutique offers a wide variety of products that appeal to the health-conscious.

2) High Desert Relief

3) Bosque CBD

Best Of Burque 2018 Best Cannabis Strain

Oh God, here it comes. It’s going down. We can’t stop it. If you were avoiding the worst nerd reference of all time, you should just skip to the next entry because this is happening: You’ll really feel “the Force” when you smoke this … et cetera. Phew. That wasn’t so bad. This legendary indica-dominant strain is well-known for its earthy, piney flavors and its powerful effects. Skywalker OG is an incredible strain for those suffering from pain or insomnia. Make sure you find a comfy spot before you start smoking it. Odds are you’ll end up catching some zees wherever you land.

2) Cataract Kush

3) Banana Cream

Best Of Burque 2018 Best Cannabis Edible

Not all edibles are created equal. In a business that depends on tailored, specific dosing, consistency is the most important thing. And Bhang chocolate bars always deliver exactly what you’re expecting. Medical cannabis patients don’t have to stress about whether their medicine will work (or worse: work too well) when they eat these trusty treats. The fact that they come in a variety of flavors—like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, Parisian espresso, and cherries and cream—doesn’t hurt, either. Dosing with a chocolate bar? There’s worse ways to take your medicine.

2) Tristan Bar from R. Greenleaf Organics

3) 250mg Serenity Cannabis Chocolate
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