Best Of Burque 2018

Our Readers Flaunt Their Faves

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Best of Burque
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For more than 25 years, Alibi has told our readers what’s happening around Albuquerque on a weekly basis. We talk about the ear-rattling concerts you need to attend, the eyeball-bending films you should check out, the palate-pleasing restaurants you’ve got to taste test, the life-changing art gallery exhibits you must see in person. But every once in a while, we turn to our sharp, well-informed readers and ask them: What are your favorite things about Albuquerque? What do you do on your days off? Where do you hang out? What do you love about this city in which we all live, work and play?

And for a good couple decades, you have responded. In our various “Best Of” polls, you’ve told us (and your fellow readers) what restaurants you crave (BoBR), what bands you dig (BoBM) and just about everything else the 505 has to offer that is top of the charts (the original BoB). For this year’s Best of Burque, we turned to online audience engagement platform Second Street to run our voting. Readers were asked (starting in January) to submit their favorite choices in a wide range of categories, including a whole raft of brand new ones we added this year. We made no suggestions and had no limitations. Readers could nominate any business, person or place in any category. Once the dust settled, the top five readers’ picks in each category were assembled into a master list of local faves. In the second round of online voting, readers were asked to choose again, selecting their favorites among the top five picks in each category. This resulted in a great deal more engagement from readers, a bunch of new nominees in each category and a groundswell of overall votes.

Here, then, are
Alibi’s 2018 Best of Burque winners in a wide variety of areas—from Night Life to Arts to Services to Cannabis. Our editorial staff has jumped in as well, spilling details on each “Best Of” winner. Feel free to keep hold of this issue all year long, referring back to it when you’re looking for a great dentist or a fabulous drag queen. And if you don’t agree with what your fellow Alibi readers chose, be sure and vote for your favorites next year!
Best of Burque

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