Best Of Burque 2019: Kids

Best Place To Take Kids

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There are things that go zap, boom and other noises that kids love at Explora. Plus, there are benches throughout the museum where weary parents, guardians and other caretakers can sit down and watch their kids go hog wild trying to figure out how to make all the cool stuff at Explora make those sounds. True, you could just let your little ones figure out how to make stuff that makes noise at Walgreens, but odds are you’ll end up talking to the manager about it. Plus, Explora has benches.

2) ABQ BioPark

3) A Park Above

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Museum To Take Kids

Explora is a hands-on museum that harnesses energy and curiosity to develop a deeper understanding of a world that little hands are trying to grasp. Ask a kid what makes Explora such a great museum, and they will tell you that it is actually fun. Interactive exhibits, visiting scientists and sometimes even a theremin (bring back the theremin!) make Explora a great place to spend the day with the kids.

2) New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

3) Albuquerque Museum

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Toy Store

A staple on Rio Grande, Out of the Blue has been offering up the finest in toys to Albuquerque tots for three decades. Classic wooden toys, cute baby toys, activity books, games and, most importantly, that present you need to stop and pick up en route to your kid’s friend’s birthday party. But wait, there is more— they gift wrap! Now that’s going to make things significantly easier.

2) Astro-Zombies

3) Bricks & Minifigs

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Charter School

Public Academy for Performing Arts (PAPA) is a public charter school that focuses on, what else, performing arts. Students in grades 6 through 12 go through rigorous college preparatory courses laying the groundwork for a career in the arts. It’s like Fame but without the terrible ’80s fashion. A smaller school with 380 students, PAPA is able to focus more on each child’s individual growth, which probably contributes to their over 90 percent graduation rate. PAPA offers classes in music, theatre, film and dance, and also partners with local organizations such as Blackout Theatre Company and Future Voices of New Mexico to give each child the opportunity to grow their talent beyond the classroom.

2) Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School

3) North Valley Academy

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Private School

Founded in 1955, Albuquerque Academy began with a small group of 12 boys in grades 7 through 9, but now teaches over 1,000 of our city’s kids. The student to faculty ratio is 9:1, ensuring that every child has their needs listened to and met. The Academy also boasts a 312-acre campus serving a diverse student body with kids from all over the city and different backgrounds. With state of the art sports facilities, dozens of arts course offerings, international exchange programs, a giant library, two large gardens plus so much more, it’s safe to say that at Albuquerque Academy, the kids are all right.

2) Manzano Day School

3) Salam Academy

Best Of Burque 2019: Best Daycare

Inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education, Elizabeth Dolph and Jessica Claypool created Elevation Children’s Center in Nob Hill in 2014. Focusing on learning through play and immersing kiddos in nature, Elevation stands out among the crowd of Albuquerque daycares. With programs like Adventure Kindergarten and Bosque Backpackers, children are exposed to and encouraged to learn about, take in and explore the outdoors in a thoughtful, unique way. Elevation has five classrooms (Investigators, Explorers, Discoverers, Wonderers and a new Viajeros room) and teaches kids ages 1 to 5.

2) ABQ Children’s Academy

3) Children’s Choice

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